Emmett J. Scanlan and Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

Emmett J. Scanlan and Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

I was reading a blog by Liam Gilliver on the Plant-Based News site. It makes me happy to see folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emmett J. Scanlan, and many others opt for whole food plant-based diets.

Emmett J. Scanlan

Actor Emmett Scanlan thanks a plant-based diet for making him the 'strongest, heaviest, and healthiest' he's ever been. He has over 70.000 Instagram followers. He constantly advocates for people not to consume animals as food.

In a video interview, Scanlan said that if we eat meat, we are ingesting bad karma, but by not eating meat, we are helping the environment. He also felt that a whole food plant-based diet is indeed a healthier option to take up.

I have had the pleasure of having Nithya Menen take food from us whenever she is in Bangalore. She has shared thoughts that she finds that she feels healthier if she eats our food. Given the tough schedules that actors have in their lives, eating healthy food is a huge requirement to ensure that they stay fit and be in business.

It is a joke amongst my patients. The moment they notice that someone's skin is glowing without using any medicines or creams, they would ask the person if they are on a whole food plant-based diet!

During the pandemic, it has been just our community of people who have not put on the enormous amount of weight that people all around cooped up inside their homes has put on! We have families signing up for a "detox" month to shed the extra weight and poison accumulating inside due to the lack of outdoor movement!

I would want to see that the whole world takes on eating this way. It spurs me to try mimicking all kinds of food as I want no one to feel that they cannot have something simply because it is impossible to eat it in this diet. It has been super fun to innovate creating recipes like Biriyani, Gulab Jamun, a burger, or a pizza meal. Dishes like Bisibele bath and vethakuzhambu are super simple to mimic. We have had a community of people who love us for this! I hope the tribe grows bigger and bigger.

Be blessed!

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar

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