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Tofu is a versatile and nutritious source of protein made from bean curd. There are various types of tofu, including extra firm, regular tofu, and silken tofu. Our organic, handmade tofu is prepared in small batches the day before delivery and is usually regular to firm in texture.

Our fresh tofu comes soaked in filtered water to keep it soft and fresh. Store in the refrigerator on arrival and enjoy fresh for 5-6 days. Unlike regular tofu, our firm tofu is not curdled with salt but with lemon, making the flavour profile similar to Paneer and giving it a creamy texture. It is therefore suitable for Indian dishes.

Tofu typically appears as a white block that can be used in many dishes. Handmade, organic, quality tofu curdled with lemon is now available for home delivery anywhere in Bangalore in a glass bottle. Enjoy the delicious taste of this healthy food option without having to leave your home!

Tofu prices are mentioned with each product. There are options to subscribe and save on delivery costs as well. The photographs show the actual product packaging. Each glass bottle comes with 1-2 blocks of tofu, a total of 200g.

To enjoy a soft tofu dish, gently steam or boil with preferred flavours. If you would like an extra-firm tofu dish, squeeze out the excess water content and toast or bake with preferred flavours.

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