COVID - 19

What is doing for the Covid-19 pandemic?

We recognize how serious and important it is for us all to stay safe and well during this period. Also, that each one of us should do our part to ensure that the spread of the virus in our communities is stopped.

Unlike foodborne GI viruses like hepatitis A that can be spread through contaminated food, SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19, is a respiratory illness. There is no evidence of the virus spreading through food or food packaging, according to the WHO.

Supporting everyone who is working from home and is keen on building your immunity, the team has been working hard to cook healthy and safe Whole Food Plant Based meals & snacks and deliver it to your homes everyday.

Here is a list of the precautions we are exercising
1. Bare essential staff are present at the kitchen at any time
2. Any person coming into the kitchen washes their hands and arms with soap before touching anything
3. All tiffin boxes and reusable packaging are being re-soaped and wiped down with a clean towel as soon as you return them. Kitchen surfaces are also disinfected and cleaned multiple times a day
4. All kitchen personnel are following WHO guidelines while preparing the dishes. Food is packed immediately after cooking.
5. All fruits and vegetables are being washed thoroughly prior to usage
6. Kitchen staff and deliveries team are being advised on social isolation practises outside of the kitchen space. (most staff live next to or very near the kitchen)
7. Our drivers sanitise their hands before and after completing each delivery to reduce potential risk even further
8. Any staff who show sign of sickness are supported with paid leave testing.

Here is where we would ask for cooperation from you, our community.
1. Wherever it is safe to do so, please leave your washed tiffin boxes outside or near your door, so our drivers can drop off your food and pick up boxes with minimal social contact. This is for your protection and for the drivers' protection
2. Please ensure to wash your hands with soap before each meal, whether from us or otherwise
3. In case any of you experience any symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing, fever, or tiredness, or are tested positive for Covid-19, please inform us immediately at or +918047190531 so we can help with special meal delivery in disposable packaging and also take further precautionary measures
4. If any of your friends or family would benefit from eating healthier in these uncertain times, please encourage them to learn more about healthy eating on or order from us at
5. Consider donating to our food drive. We have donated over 10,000 meals to migrant workers, single mothers and the elderly so far:

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, we are committed to supporting our staff and our community to make it through safe and healthy. If there is anything else we can do to support you, please don't hesitate to contact us at so we can help

Be blessed,
Team 💚