An Initiative by Sampoorna Ahara in Association with Pavitraka Charitable Trust 

Help feed Healthy Meals to LESS PRIVILEGED Families


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Heart Disease is the No.1 cause of death in India. India is the Diabetes capital of the world. High BP is the leading risk factor for death.

These are all lifestyle diseases where food plays a critical role.

The less-privileged among us are more vulnerable to these diseases & have the least access to healthy food.

By donating 50,000+ Healthy Meals until today and counting, Sampoorna Ahara with Pavitraka Charitable Trust, has made it a goal to reach the less privileged and make healthy eating more accessible for them.



Lakshmi's family has a double problem.

On one hand, her parents are unable to afford fruits or vegetables for her and her sister on some days.

On the other hand, her father suffers from diabetes and her mother has hypothyroidism. Together, their medications and tests cost Rs. 15,000 every year.

With the double burden of malnutrition and chronic disease, the worst affected are the most vulnerable among us. 

Help us help them eat healthy, just like you are able to.


A recent report found that 71% of Indians cannot afford healthy meal.

The report found that the average Indian is lacking in essential nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains.

This this is contributing to an increase in diet related ailments like diabetes, certain types of cancer, strokes, and coronary heart disease.

50,000 MEALS & COUNTING...

Until October 2022, we have donated cooked food and ration packs for more than 50,000 Whole Food Plant Based Meals in association with Pavitraka Charitable Trust to migrant workers, daily wage earners and less privileged families. With our focus on health, we ensure that everything that we serve through our program has only the highest quality of ingredients


Background : Lifestyle Diseases and Nutrition

The poorest among us are also the most vulnerable to disease - chronic lifestyle induced disease as well as communicable ones.

They are the ones with least access to healthcare, nutrition and awareness. They are more likely to have undiagnosed lifestyle diseases and lack of proper food.

This puts them at the highest risk of disease while having the lowest chances of survival.


Lifestyle diseases are widespread among the poor. A new study shows that the actual prevalence of common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is far higher among the poor than they report, and is as high if not higher among the poor than among the rich.

Many of them are unaware that they are living with a lifestyle disease as they remain undiagnosed. They also don't have the access or ability to properly manage them.  

Donate Whole Food Plant Based Ration Packs

The food we donate is whole food plant based with high fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and high antioxidant ingredients. This ensures that those with chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high BP, heart disease and others don't suffer from eating further disease causing foods. Our ration packs in association with Pavitraka Charitable Trust include fresh fruit, vegetable, greens, lentils, and whole grains, instead of just sugar, oil and white rice - all three of which are associated with higher disease risk.


Our Intervention:

Bringing Healthy Food to the Disadvantaged



Building a healthy lifestyle is no longer advice from the sidelines but crucial in giving our bodies the best chance to recover and could be the difference between life and death.

Our efforts are tied into helping people who have the least awareness or access to a healthy lifestyle.

“Your Contribution Will Make Our Hands Strong”