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Almond Butter Cookies - 450g - Gluten-Free

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Crunchy edges, Chewy middle, melt in the mouth. And a perfect bite to each Almond butter cookie!

Our Almond Butter Cookies are made with natural almond butter, dates, gluten-free brown rice flour, natural vanilla bean powder and just the right amount of flaky sea salt. With no refined sugar or refined flour (we use dates to sweeten instead of brown sugar or white sugar).

A completely Vegan recipe, this gives you a perfectly crispy edge and chewy centre. Delicious with a warm afternoon drink or favourite snack to go. 

Almond butter is a rich source of healthy fats and protein. It has a mild nutty flavour that is brought out by the simple salt, date and vanilla flavours.

Ingredients: Almond Butter, Dates,  Brown Rice, Vanilla Bean, Aluminium Free Baking powder, Salt

Shelf Life - 30 days from manufacture

Shelf life: 30 days from manufacture. Store in airtight box in a cool space

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aditi Bhattacharya (Bengaluru, IN)
Very filling and tasty!

The biscuits are quite tasty and quite filling.

Mahesh Shukla (Bengaluru, IN)
Unfortunately the texture was very grainy

I’m Gluten free and was very excited for the cookies. Unfortunately the cookies are too hard and grainy and very sweet to my taste.