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Basmati Rice is a guilty indulgence?

 "Basmati Rice is a guilty indulgence. We know it is unhealthy...or is it? "Basmati rice has a higher fat content than other rice varieties" I was taught that this makes it less healthy than other rice varieties.

But we need to look at food as a whole, not just individual nutrients. This improves our understanding. White basmati rice is unhealthy because it is a processed food. No bran. Stripped of fiber, phenolic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, proan- thocyanidins, tocopherol, vitamin E, c-oryzanol and phytic acids.

Original Basmati Rice is Red or Brown, with all its nutrients intact. Upgrade to Brown. It is healthy to eat everyday, even for every meal! Tasty, healthy food. That's what @sampoornaahara is about. 😎 We cook and serve Basmati Rice for special meals, and our community loves it!"

- Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, &

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