Collection: International

For the first time, enjoy Sampoorna Ahara's range of healthy treats internationally!

Our team at Sampoorna Ahara has been innovating healthy and tasty versions of many different Indian sweets and snacks for 4 years. All our products are made with whole food, plant based ingredients, prepared in ways that maximally retain their nutrition.

We are excited to be able to finally share our products with folks internationally! Orders will be open until the end of October for this beta program. Happy shopping!

Use the Code HEALTH for 10% off your first order above INR 1,000

Use the Code BULK15 for orders with cart value above INR 5,000

Prices are shown in Indian Rupees (INR), and payments can be made with all major international credit cards. For your reference, 1000 rupees is roughly equal to 12 US Dollars at current exchange rates. 

Shipping costs are visible at checkout, and are inclusive of packaging, taxes and fees. They range from 10-20 USD per kg. depending on the weight of the parcel

Contact if you face any issues while ordering.