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Multi-Seed Whole Wheat Buns - (300g)
Naveen Manohar (Bengaluru, IN)
Delicious & healthy,,

a different compared to market buns. This is purely vegan and healthy,,

Muesli Loaf - with fruits and nuts - 600g
Ajay Ramachandran (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy and filling - can get a little dense at times.

We like the museli bread as it is healthy filling and has flavor. You do need to handle this carefully and ideally a sliced version (or option to get a sliced version) will be nice.
I like that it's relatively low in salt and I like that taste. That may not be suitable for all.
Do make sure you warm the bread (it won't burn too quickly while toasting so that's a good thing), the bread does tend to become a touch softer when you warm/toast the bread.

Chocolate and Cashew Truffles
Rakshitha Pradeep (Bengaluru, IN)
My favorite ๐Ÿ˜

My 13months baby & I enjoy's so tasty and healthy.. thamku for introducing this .and making our diet healthy.

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Rakshitha Pradeep (Bengaluru, IN)
Powerful laddu

I never expected the laddus to be so tasty..healthy and energetic..even my 13months old baby eats with me sometimes..they're UNADULTERATED u can feel that when u eat..I've become a regular subscriber ..thanku for all your make us stay healthy...and to eat unadulterated food...๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Alina (Bengaluru, IN)
Best snack

This has been the best substitute for sweets. Best thing to have while craving for snacks.

Sweet n Spicy Kachori (400g)
B.V. (Bengaluru, IN)
Soft & Very Tasty

I was apprehensive initially that a baked kachori would not match what i have been used to so long. However, was pleasantly surprised. The kachoris are soft and feel light on the stomach as well. I could eat a couple of them at a time without any guilt.

Chocolate Cake With Almond Butter Frosting
Sriranjini CV (Bengaluru, IN)
Chocolate cake

We loved it, such a healthy option. It was a tad too sweet for my taste, however the family loved it.

Healthy Gravy Boxes
B.V. (Bengaluru, IN)
An Excellent Option

The gravy box is a wonderful option for those starting their WFPB food journey as well as practitioners. The quantity is sumptuous, we got additional greens on few days which was welcome. The gravy and "palya" tasted great and nutritious. It's very easy to cut a portion of fruits and make a salad at home, while getting the rest prepared in a healthy manner and delivered at doorstep on time, everyday of the week. Thank you SA team.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - 700g
Priya Barua (Bengaluru, IN)

Soooo grateful for this bread!! We can't do without it. Its very filling...goes well with caramel spread or veges and cashew dip

Vanilla Date Caramel Spread - 230g
Priya Barua (Bengaluru, IN)

Super good as a spread ..delightful

This ladoo is lovely although we do find the elaichi a bit strong

We absolutely love this obattu..its deliciously sweet and make a super snack at tea time

Could be better.

Hi, I bought the brownies for my mother who is aged. The peanuts on top would have blended better if they were crushed. The whole peanuts were not adding to the flavour of the brownie. The brownie was average. Am sorry but am sharing this to help improve the product.

Spicy Potato Crisps
S Shankar (Bengaluru, IN)

this is a very crispy and a nice snack and even a good bite as part of ameal!

Crispy Milagu Vadai (200g)
Extremely addictive

Be aware and be warned one piece of this vada is not enough.You will finish it in one go as its extremely oil free,thin,crispy,tasty.

Mango and Cashew Cake - Summer Special! - Orders closing soon
Sukanya Raghu (Bengaluru, IN)

Mango cake was good. Thank you

Yummy and different

Good treat I sent to my family

Nuts and Seeds Mix Spicy Sweet
Naveen Manohar (Bengaluru, IN)
Delicious & healthy

i have ordered spicy sweet and Kodubale ,,both are my evening snacks, everybody can opt for this,, who wants to be VEGAN / Healthy diet ,, I thank Sampoorna ahaara, for this type of super foods,,,

Masala Coated Peanuts
PANKAJ JAIN (Bengaluru, IN)
Mixed peanuts

Was quite nice . Taste was good.

Mixed Millet Kara Mixture
PANKAJ JAIN (Bengaluru, IN)
Mixed Millet khara mixture

Taste was not upto the mark . Felt a little brittle .

Peanut Butter Crunch Power Bar (60g each)
Sagarika Bhattacharya (Bengaluru, IN)
Best solution for 4-6 pm snack

The bars are tasty and healthy and is one of those good-for-you snacks that you donโ€™t have to force yourself to eat. Itโ€™s convinient to store and carry. Works well for those occasional post dinner cravings too.

Dry Fruit Laddu
Lakshmi Gopal (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy tasty snack

It is a very healthy and tasty snack.

Roasted Masala Peanuts Sweet
Lakshmi Gopal (Bengaluru, IN)
Tasty peanuts

Peanuts are tasty and is ap good snack when you want to munch on something.

Assorted cookies - Grain-Free - 24 Cookies
Tina Damodar (Bengaluru, IN)

They were just amazing. Can't imagine that they were oil-free

Delicious cake

Thank you so much for making these guilt free delicious cakes. Keep it going๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ