Sampoorna Ahara Reviews

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Delicious one

Very tasty and clean ingredients made is so enjoyable. Thank you.

Flaxseed laddoos

Though I do not encourage fortified food, however, the goodness of flaxseeds with dates and cocoa flavour (subtle) is delicious strong anti inflammatory food. If one can opt for non-fortified, would be very helpful.

Mango and Cashew Cake-in-a-Jar 300ml - Summer Special!
Geeta Ugru (Bengaluru, IN)
Vegan cake

Delicious cake with real mango.

The slightly dangling texture of the peanut butter when you open the jar or when you try to scoop out with a spoon shows its pure. You can still see minute crumbs of peanut which says its all natural ! Really love it for its purity. Thank you for this product.


Extremely tasty and addictive.

Very filling and tasty!

The biscuits are quite tasty and quite filling.

Weight Loss Diet
MAdhuri UPadhya (Bengaluru, IN)

1. It’s been 12 days since I’ve started the program and I feel an improvement in my overall health but haven’t lost any weight, infact I’ve put on some weight
2. The dabbas are too tight and I usually struggle to open them
3. 90% of the meals have only watermelon as the fruit, a little variety will be nice.
4. The food is very tasteless

Love them

Great option to full your stomach and healthy too!

Plant based Iron Loaded pizza with Broccoli, Tofu, Cherry Tomatoes and Kale - Dinner, Fri, Jun 9 [BONUS: Free Cookie]
Praveen Nagaraju (Bengaluru, IN)
Pizza Feedback

Base had become very hard. Otherwise it was tasty.

Also we didn't get a cookie but got the flax seed ball

Go for it!

Just loved it! A perfect snack with evening coffee. Liked it very much

Awesome and fresh taste

Nice texture and taste.

Soy and Almond Curds - Delivered in Glass Bottles
Vaishnavi Holla (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy and Dairy free Curd

Curd people, you must try this out..!

Chocolate Cake With Almond Butter Frosting
Vaishnavi Holla (Bengaluru, IN)
Yummy Vegan Cake

This is my first Vegan Cake, and I just loved it!

Plant based Iron Loaded pizza with Broccoli, Tofu, Cherry Tomatoes and Kale - Dinner, Fri, Jun 9 [BONUS: Free Cookie]
PVD (Chennai, IN)
So flavourful!

This pizza was rich in flavours and truly loaded with tofu. I wa sso excited to see how the vegan cheese bubbled up so perfectly 😃 It was a party in my mouth!

Plant based Veggie Loaded Pizza - Pickup from Sheshadripuram for Dinner, Sat, Feb 3 [BONUS: Free Cookie]
PVD (Chennai, IN)
Loved it!

To be able to eat pizza without worrying about its health implications is such an awesome feeling! The Sampoorna Aahara pizza tastes exactly like the unhealthy ones we've been eating, except that here, we're actually eating a whole lot of healthy stuff in the pizza 🍕
I can never get enough of this! :D Definitely coming back for more!

Great but the base has too many dates

The jars were very delicious. The only criticism I have is that at the bottom of the jar there would be too many dates.

Whole Wheat Flaxseeds and Oats Sourdough Bread (500g)
Varsha (Bengaluru, IN)
Very authentic

This bread took me back to my time in Germany. The taste is very authentic and needless to say it's very nutritious

Excellent snack

I bought a box before travel, and when I reached my destination, it was excellent to eat this as a healthy and tasty energy boost.

delicious cake

This was very yummy and filled with nuts and fruit. Really good!

Karanji feedback

It was healthy and tasty but "Spiced Figs and Apricot stuffed Karanji Ingredients" was not that tasty because one of the ingredient was added little larger I believe jeera.

Til Ke Laddu | Ellu Urundai | Sesame Laddu - Festive Special
Renuka Abraham (Kochi, IN)
Healthy and actually good!

Loved the til laddu. Super soft and flavorful with the crunch of til


Wonderful. All loved it

Great taste and richness of ingredients

What a unique collection of breakfast smoothie jars. So colourful, rich in ingredients and nutrition! Should use more of fruits though, and not just nuts, seeds, and veggies. Amazed by the loving layers of different mixtures that is maintained intact inside jars. There is a scope to decrease the cost.

Vegan food is tasty

Easily one of the best

Tofu and Nut based Cream Cheese - Sundried Tomato - 230g
Abhishek Khetan (Bengaluru, IN)

This product is just evil. I couldn't believe it. Amazing taste! I am going to get fat.