About Us

We are a young group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about health, sustainability and equity. Having experienced the health benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle for ourselves and our families, we started Sampoorna Ahara in October 2019 to enable more people to eat and live healthy.  Here are some focus areas of ours:


  • Sampoorna Ahara means “Whole Food” in several Indian languages. Every product we make is Whole Food Plant Based, following the latest in evidence based nutrition, drawing on the extensive practice of Dr. Achyuthan Eswar
  • Our Healthiest meals are planned to meet the full requirements of the daily dozen, as formulated by Dr. Michael Greger.
  • Have helped dozens of customers successfully reverse lifestyle diseases
  • We have innovated baked goodies, snacks, sweets and more that are always made in a healthy manner with healthy ingredients


  • From our founding, we haven’t used a single disposable plastic container
  • We send all the food in reusable steel tiffin boxes or glass containers, and when that is not possible, in compostable packaging. 
  • We directly source our produce and groceries from chemical free farmers, through Farm Fresh Bangalore. In our cooking we use only local and seasonal produce. 
  • We eliminate plastic packaging and reduce food miles in our supply chain as much as possible, and keep pushing our vendors to do more.


  • We are a Fractal Enterprise, incubated by The Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation. Therefore we are focused on alleviating poverty and creating social good
  • In addition to earning well above minimum wage, all our colleagues eat the same healthy meals that we send out to customers. Many of us have reversed diseases, and all have improved in health.
  • We actively work to reverse systems of injustice and inequity. We practise non-violent communication, build an atmosphere of respect for people in all roles, identify and gently resolve conflict and we don’t shy away from hard conversations around gender, age, caste or culture. 
  • We don't treat our contractors with any less respect or care than our full time entrepreneurs. 
  • We all practise SKY yoga, meditation and introspective practises. We have found this to be a simple, self-driven, easy to follow system that is free of religion and is available in local languages.

These are our values, and we are committed to fully follow these, even if there seems to be easier paths. As a Fractal enterprise, we exist because we would like to see these values take hold in the world. 

Thank you for your support and interest! We have been fueled in this rather difficult journey by our brilliant community of well wishers. 


Be Blessed

Team SampoornaAhara.com