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Begin your day on a Healing Note

Begin your day on a Healing Note!

There's nothing like starting your day right! A good morning routine includes healing and energising food! And we have a jar designed just for you because you deserve the best.

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Healing Roots

Creamy carrot relish interspersed with date-sweetened cashew cream complete with the warm undertones of ginger and trusty chia seeds, this magical jar gives you a soothing start to your day! Don't be fooled though, this earthy jar is a yummy burst of flavours and textures. A great way to have some of the healthiest and most nourishing foods packed in a delicious creamy jar. How exciting!

Spices have been used in medicine for thousands of years, herbal remedies are commonplace in the Indian household. Scientific research has shown that spices have multiple benefits to improve chronic health issues and even improve your overall mood. Ginger and turmeric in specific have anti-inflammatory properties and are associated with helping ease congestion, accelerate healing and may even help alleviate migraine. With little bites of pineapple and a dash of turmeric mixed in, this incredible jar is a treat to the senses.

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