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Burgers that make you Healthier with Every Bite

Burgers that make you healthier with every bite! It all starts with the right buns - soft, flavourful and healthy! Refined flour-free, oil-free and Vegan, our Burger Buns are here to up your burger game! Try them now: www.SampoornaAhara.com

These wholesome buns come in handy when you want to fix yourself a quick, delicious and healthy bite. Slather a generous layer of our Creamy Cheeze Spread, throw in some sliced tomato, onion and capsicum rings, and for the patty, you can get innovative with mixed vegetables baked ones or if you feel like going light, swap out the patty for some avocado and olives. Enjoy your delicious burger with a side of creamy spiced nut butter or hot sauce!

Our burger buns are a huge hit with children, what a great way of giving them variety with all the health! Plus you can involve them in the burger making process for a fun evening activity.

Be Blessed,

Team SampoornaAhara.com 💚


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