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Chocolate Indulgence for Breakfast?

Chocolate Indulgence - New Flavours for the new season!

It's finally here! A chocolate jar that's as healthy as it is tasty! 🤤

With the new season setting in, we have a whole range of seasonal fruits to work with. Our first flavour for this season is this de-licious jar that's as creamy as it is crunchy! Layers of seasonal sweet & ripe sapota interspersed with creamy chocolate goodness are the highlights of this jar!

Wait, but that's not all! This delicious jar also has a healthy dose of Palak and Flaxseed too!

Yes, you read right, we've sneaked in some greens and flax to give you an energizing boost! Like all our jars, this one too has nutritious Chia Seeds to keep you hydrated for longer! The Global Burden of Disease Study found that not eating enough nuts and seeds was the fifth-leading dietary risk factor for death and disability in India. Simple things that we don't think about can significantly improve the quality of our lives.

Our Breakfast Jars take care of this for you with a good helping of our in-house nut butters and seeds in every jar.

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