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How to Stay hydrated, light and refreshed this summer! 🍉

Summer is here and how! We have some tips for you to get your healthiest best for the long and hot days 🌞

🧊 Stay Hydrated - we all know this, yet we somehow don't always practice this. Sip on cool water & nariyal paani through the day. Set reminders if you have to
🥐 Avoid Snacking on Oily Foods - a valid point all year long, but especially during summers, this can leave you feeling tired, dehydrated and weighed down. Opt for fruit based, fresh snacks like to keep you full and light
🥗 Eat Fruits and Salads with every meal - again, good advice all year round, but even more so now. If you want to be productive and awake especially during afternoons, this is a great start. Stop overeating rice, oily sabjis, and heavy gravies and increase that good fiber and antioxidants from fresh fruits and veggies

Our Breakfast Jars are a great way to do all of this in one go if you don't have time or don't feel like putting in that extra effort 🪄

🧊 Chia Seeds: Each of our Breakfast Jar flavours have a layer of these super seeds. They are not only nutritious, but also help you stay hydrated for longer
🍯 Light & Full: Snack on a yummy chilled jar all afternoon long and stay away from oily snacks and keep cravings at bay. It's sweet and delicious doubling up as dessert as well
🍇 Fruits: Every Jar has a good serving or two of fruits, this is a great way to get your fruits if you are fussy or feeling a little lazy
🧘🏻 Healing: Every jar is packed with healing ingredients and is a superb way of upping your health quotient. Full of different antioxidants, you won't even realise just how healthy they are!
🤹🏻‍♂️ Variety: With a different flavour each day of the week and new seasonal flavours every new season, there's something to look forward to while getting a variety of healthful ingredients every week!

What are you waiting for? Order these yummy Vegan, sugar/jaggery-free and fresh jars now! Delivered in returnable reusable glass bottles used in rotation! 🍶 ✨

Be Blessed,
Team 💚

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