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Plant Based Pregnancy - My Experience in a Nutshell

"As I look back at the last 7 months of my pregnancy, I find myself grateful and blessed for a lot of good things that have come my way. Starting with Sampoorna Ahara, which has been a saving grace for me during my entire pregnancy.

I have had to buy almost nothing from elsewhere to meet my needs and cravings. Most of the time, I've had personalized meals to meet all my nutritional requirements while still getting my meals cooked to suit my altering taste. I've gone through phases when I liked and wanted different things - sometimes sweet and other times super spicy and through it all I've depended on Sampoorna Ahara. Be it delicious sweets, wholesome breads, crunchy snacks or creamy cashew butter to make myself something I want! 🤤

My baby has been growing so well! My medical providers told me in my 3rd month that I no longer needed scans. My lab results have been excellent too! We were very concerned that I would have a deficiency of B12(especially since I have been vegan for the past 6 years) and Iron but because I've been able to eat well and eat healthy, my levels have been so amazing! I love that I can eat whatever I want without worrying about gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and excessive weight gain among others. I've been gleefully eating goodies like cakes for breakfast without a single worry and knowing that the ingredients in it will only make me healthier!

My lifestyle has enabled me to have a pregnancy free from heartburn, edema, allergies and so on and I believe every one of us can experience these amazing benefits too! Along with all this good food and the amazing care provided by Dr.Achyuthan Eswar I feel so supported in my decision to have a natural midwife-led birth - my dream come true - through which I feel more confident and connected to my body. I am so excited to be on this journey and look forward to talking more about my experiences!

So heartening to read this! We wish you all health & happiness in all you do. If you'd like our support in your journey, check out our whole food plant based meals and other products on

Be Blessed,



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