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Vegan Protein for the Indian Kitchen

This has to be our most asked question.

I'm sure many people who are Vegan/Plant-based, get asked this a lot. So we put together some quick protein-rich ingredients for the Indian Kitchen Most of these ingredients are easily available in India, and we can think of at least 2-3 dishes to make with these ingredients.

The protein concern is an overrated one. For most of us, as long as we eat enough calories, we meet our protein requirements on a Plant Based Diet. Not only can we meet our protein requirements on a Vegan/Plant Based Diet, it's SO EASY TOO!

🥦Most of us - whether non-vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan - consume 70 to 90% EXCESS PROTEIN than we require

🥦 Plant Proteins are better for our overall health as compared to animal proteins which are associated with disease risk

🥦 All essential Amino Acids that we need are ONLY made by plants

🥦 We can get all our essential Amino Acid through a Plant Based Diet

🥦 All animal proteins are recycled Plant Proteins, it's better for our health, the environment and the animals to cut off the middle man - the animals

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Be Blessed

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