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The biggest changes starts with...

The biggest changes starts with the first step!

It's also often the hardest

To push yourself out of your comfort zone

To unlearn

To open your mind to new possibilities

To relearn

To set small achievable goals

To just start!

One step at a time, you can do this. You've got this!

Here are some yummy dishes ready to go on a fresh banana leaf:

🍊 Orange

🍊 Cucumber Tomato Kosambari Salad with cucumbers, tomato, gooseberry and dash of lemon zest

🍊 Bitter Gourd Unfry Oil-free bitter gourd and sweet pumpkin stir fry coated in spices

🍊 Palak Pacchadi Fresh spinach, green pas and tofu in a creamy cashew gravy

🍊 Bisi Bele Bath Traditional lentil rice with potato and green peas in aromatic spices topped with cashews

🍊 Oil-free Masala Vada Crackers

🍊 Flaxseed B12 Laddu

Try our meals now:

Be Blessed,

Team 💚


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