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One Tip to Get Healthy Starting TODAY!

What we eat is who we are!

We know this, but do we really practice this in our life? Most of us don't. It's especially difficult now in an age of excesses. We are surrounded by too many unhealthy foods and we live in a world of information overload, where learning what is healthy and what is not is itself a challenge. Overcoming these challenges - both of information and cravings is an uphill task no doubt, but one with valuable rewards on the other side.

We have just one thing that you can start right away that will get you on the path to better health. It's so simple that you may just brush it aside thinking "ayioo I know this already"

But anyway, here it is.

Eat fruits every single day. Start your meal with fruits, ensure that you reach a minimum of 3 medium sized fruits everyday. That could be 3 big bananas, 5-6 oranges, 3-4 cups of grapes, about half a watermelon. Any fruit. Just get started with this and work your way up to 3 medium sized fruits (you can definitely have more).

Do this for 21 days until it because a habit, a lifestyle, a part of you - like brushing your teeth. Simple right? Get started today!

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Be Blessed,

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