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Enjoy Desserts without Deserting Your Health

"What's a cake with No butter (or oil), maida, sugar (or even jaggery)?!

Wouldn't it almost beg the question: "At least is there any "cake" in this "cake"?!

Oooh yes! There's more cake than most cakes in this Christmas cake from Sampoorna Ahara

This richly delicious cake won praise from even the naysayers of "healthy food". Proving the point that healthy food need not be punishing in taste.

The raisins and fruits were soaked in fruit juice it seemed in every bite. Nuts had been lavished upon the cake and came up in every mouthful. The wholesomeness of wheat brought an enjoyable and balanced texture with not too much density or stickiness or dryness. The sweetness of dates was hidden as sweetness in any other cake.

Thank you Team Sampoorna Ahara for working with Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) recipes and crafting better health, WFPB dessert by WFPB dessert. ❤️ If you are looking for support with sourcing food that's healthy and tasty do check out Sampoorna Ahara's daily meals that can be delivered at your doorstep. And of course, if you're looking for bread or cakes or cookies or even Valentine's Day Specials that will take you nowhere near illness or excess weight gain - check out Sampoorna Ahara's options for you!" - @charumathisupraja

Thank you for you kind words and support. We are overwhelmed reading your feedback and love that you and your family had such an amazing experience!🌱

If you are ready to get healthy, we are here to support you, check out www.sampoornaahara.com for our Whole Food Plant Based offerings 💚

Be Blessed,

Team SampoornaAhara.com 💚   


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