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#ZeroWaste Meal Promise!

 #ZeroWaste Meal Promise. Here’s why.

Love magically transforms life. As a family, we have consciously avoided plastic all my life. When I met Shyamala Suresh, this grew into a passion.

Experience taught us wisdom. When we started Sampoorna Ahara, we made a commitment to Zero Waste. In July 2019, we bought 200 steel tiffin boxes like this one. In the last one year, I am happy to share that we have saved 250,000+ plastic boxes from ending up in the landfills!

Breakthrough thinking led us be responsible for more than just healthy food. Deliveries are one of the leading causes for urban waste today. It is so easy to just buy a five rupee plastic box, send it one way to a customer and forget about what happens afterwards.

We promised to make a difference. Social responsibility starts at home - and in an enterprise! When you don’t have an option of plastic box delivery, no one can choose it. We make two trips for each delivery instead of one. Our delivery costs double. We spend from our pocket to sanitise all our boxes with extra staff and machines. We help save the planet. It’s absolutely worth every rupee. The only waste we are producing today is a small Banana Leaf piece, which is going into our compost bin to grow a plant!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Refuse Plastic.

2. Order from sustainable initiatives like SampoornaAhara.com and FarmFreshBangalore.com

3. #bringyourowncup when you step out

4. Avoid processed food (this one saves your life too!)

Where do you order your groceries & food from? Are they #plasticfree? Comment and tell me

Visit www.SampoornaAhara.com to check out our health, plant friendly, and fresh offerings!

Be Blessed,

Team SampoornaAhara.com 💚


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