An Insurance Company Has Adopted a Whole Food Plant-based Protocol

An Insurance Company Has Adopted a Whole Food Plant-based Protocol

I am hungry to see established groups take up the cause of spreading the word about the Whole Food Plant-based Diet. When I came across this piece of news, which said that for the first time, an insurance company from Europe is rolling out a whole food plant-based protocol as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, I was overjoyed! I heartily welcome the world embracing plant-based Diabetes Diet.

Insurance Company Recommends Plant Based Diet

According to Plant Based News, health giant Dovera - one of three national insurers based in Slovakia and covering insurance for around 72,000 diabetics - has partnered with the NFI Protocol to carry out this excellent protocol.

Two enlightened souls, David Hickman and Zuzana Plevova, developed the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) Protocol, a customized whole food plant-based diet plan. They conducted studies on patients in Europe in 2018. The results were compelling that an internationally recognized diabetes researcher, Professor Martinka, Ph.D., asked for more extensive studies.

In the groundbreaking 'Diabetik Forum' study, 84 percent of 1000 type 2 diabetes patients stopped taking medication after following the NFI Protocol for 22 weeks. I can understand how this might be possible! And 40 percent stopped medications after just eight weeks!

Now the group aims to trial the NFI Protocol on 25,000 type 2 diabetic patients. Kudos to them! I wish more and more established groups would come forward to stand by such practices. In my experience, it has been tough to crack the fabric of established medicine or commercial homes to take up this cause.

How long would it take a doctor to prescribe a whole food plant-based diet instead of increased dosages of drugs?

How long might it take a hospital to change its food to patients to be one of a whole food plant-based diet?

How long might it take governments to do so as well? 

I have started this with just the support of a few family members and friends. I can visibly see the power of the healing nature of this incredible diet. I work tirelessly to promote this cause. It is now up to society to take this forward along with me. If you know someone who wishes to make this significant change on an institutional basis, please do fix an appointment with me. (Link in my name below) 

Or you can comment on this blog and I will respond.

Be blessed!

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar


Hello Sir,
What are the courses that we need to enroll in if we want to change our career line in plant-based nutrition counseling?
I am from a Computer Background but want tp get into the field of health and nutrition.

Kindly guide me


Indeed heartening to see a medical/health-care organisation finally taking up the well proven WFPB approach to treating the most common chronic conditions ..which are essentially lifestyle diseases.

This is not the first insurance company doing this – back in 2013, Kaiser-Permanente the largest healthcare consortium, provider of medicare (and insurance) to clients across most of the USA, recognising the outstanding efficacy of Plant-based Diets issued an advisory to its physicians across the board, to favour recommending Plant-based Diets as the first line of treatment to patients of chronic illnesses, particularly high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.
See Dr Michael Greger’s article highlighting this paper :

Sunila Rau

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