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Diabetes Food

I used to think that the moment you are told you have diabetes, you have to jump into getting insulin injected and give up all sweets. Little did I realise that diabetes was just a condition started by fat deposits in tiny little cells or pancreas! I even jokingly wondered if there was something like the ubiquitous drainex to flush the deposits out!

In a way that's what a Whole Food Plant Based Diet does! First in foremost it does not allow sugars, oil or carbohydrates to spike up their levels within cells all at once at single instances. These elements in the blood are nicely accompanied by fibres as well which regulate periodic digestion, preventing hoarding of deposits within cells! A kind of FIFO act or First In, First Out happens whereby elements that get digested slowly also get used by the tissues, muscles, bones and nerves as they get produced —preventing any kind of hoarding. So should a diabetic eat medicines which act at the level of the digestive organs, because of which sometimes the linings of the digestive organs could get hurt? Or should they eat food that would not make their cells go berserk and hoard fat, preventing any need for medication?

When I understood this logic I started observing folks dear to me afflicted with diabetes turn towards eating whole food plant based diet. And presto! Within no time their medicine dependency came down and some have even reversed their condition! So now you know Plant Based Whole Foods are a good choice as food for folks with Diabetes!

Be Blessed!
Radha Eswar.

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