Golden Vs Brown Flax Seeds

Golden Vs Brown Flax Seeds

Golden and brown flaxseed differ in macronutrient and antioxidant contents. However, Brown contains more antioxidants, so we recommend eating them.

Golden Flaxseeds Brown Flaxseeds
37.5% Fat 38% Fat
23% Protein 24.5% Protein
30% Carbohydrates 28% Carbohydrates
Slightly more polyunsaturated fatty acids Slightly less polyunsaturated fatty acids
Slightly less monounsaturated fatty acids Slightly more monounsaturated fatty acids
59% Alpha-linolenic acid per tablespoon 51% Alpha-linolenic acid per tablespoon
Slightly fewer antioxidants Slightly more antioxidants
Available in specialized stores only Available in general grocery stores
Primarily sold in the whole form Sold in whole and ground form
Can be hidden in recipes It will mostly stand out in recipes as it adds colour

Difference between Golden and Brown Flaxseeds

What is Golden Flaxseed?

Golden flaxseeds are grown primarily for their seeds, which produce linseeds (flax oil). They are also known as Solin or Dakota Gold. Like the brown variety, they contain omega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart disease prevention. They're also rich in dietary fibre.

Fibre slows down the digestive system so that food nutrients get absorbed into the body faster. Golden flaxseed has minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc, plus 6 grams of protein per tablespoon.

Flaxseeds contain many nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They're usually consumed in their whole seed state but are most commonly consumed in powdered or floured forms.

Golden flaxseeds are often used in bread and muffins because they add a nutty flavour.

What is Brown Flaxseed?

We recommend and use brown flaxseed as it is good in taste and contains slightly higher antioxidants and less polyunsaturated fatty acid than the golden one. It has 24.5% protein, 38 % fat, and 28% carbohydrate and contains more monounsaturated fatty acids than the golden variety.

Brown flaxseed was grown initially in Brazil. It is abundantly grown in Canada. It is affordable. You can buy it as whole seed or ground powder at a nearby grocery store.

We tried mixing brown flaxseed in many recipes. However, it adds colour and changes the texture and taste of the recipes if it blends with gravy or the liquid form of other ingredients. Hence, we innovated upon flaxseed laddu and enriched it with Vitamin B12.

Brown flaxseed is also used in paints. In addition, it is used for making fibre, cattle feed, and fodder. Finally, you can make clothes out of flaxseed fibre.

It comes with a slightly thick shell. If you eat them raw, it comes out in stools without digesting. Therefore, we recommend that you grind them first and consume them. Then, mix them with ground dates to make them into a laddu and eat them. They are indeed a superfood.

Have you tried our Vitamin B12 Flaxseed laddus yet?

Let us know what you think.

Be Blessed!
Dr Achyuthan Eswar.

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