Maida is Bad for Health

Maida is Bad for Health

Maida is a type of flour commonly used in baking. Many people assume that it is healthier than other types of flour because it contains less gluten. Is this true?

The word maida comes from the Arabic word mādūn meaning “flour”. In India, the term is often used interchangeably with atta (wheat flour). Maida is a type of flour made from wheat or other grains. It has become very popular in recent years due to its low cost.

Maida is processed food

There are some things that we cannot live without. For example, water, air, food, and shelter. But what about our health? What does processed food really mean?

Processed foods are those that have undergone significant changes from their original state. They are often high in calories, fat, salt, or sugar. These foods are usually manufactured using ingredients such as refined grains, hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners.

Processed foods are ubiquitous in modern society. Many people eat them every day without even realizing it. If you want to improve your health, then you should start avoiding these foods. Here are some reasons why they are bad for you.

Maida, a Refined Flour, is empty calorie

We've all heard the term 'empty calorie' before. What does it mean exactly? And why should we care?

Empty calories are those foods that don't contain enough nutrients to meet our daily requirements. They include refined sugars, white bread, pasta, potato chips, cookies, ice cream, etc.

Empty calories are bad for our health because they cause us to gain weight without providing the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to stay fit and healthy.

White flour has become a staple food source in our daily lives. The nutritional value of white flour is very low compared to whole grain flour. White flour contains less fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants. It certainly leads to various health issues. So, avoid it.

Whole Wheat - Micronutrients = Maida

The human body has evolved over millions of years to adapt to its environment. In modern times, our lifestyles are very different from those of our ancestors. Our bodies don’t always react well to these changes, leading to health problems such as obesity.

Our bodies require certain nutrients to function properly. Some of these nutrients come from food, while others are derived from supplements. If you want to lose weight, you should focus on consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Are you aware of the dangers of refined foods? If not, then you should be. Refined foods are those that have had their natural nutrients removed or replaced with artificial ingredients. They include white bread, pasta, rice, sugar, and other processed food items.

The human body requires certain vitamins and minerals to function properly. These substances are called micronutrients because they are too small to see with the naked eye.

Micronutrient deficiencies can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and even premature death. In addition, these deficiencies can also affect cognitive development in children.

Chemical Fortification of Processed Foods

Some food manufacturers add harmful chemicals to Maida to increase its shelf life. This practice is called chemical fortification. It's important to avoid eating any food that has been chemically fortified.

Many packaged foods are loaded with additives that aren't good for our health. These additives include preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, colorings, flavor enhancers, and synthetic fats.

These chemicals may be found in the form of dyes, flavors, colors, and preservatives. They may alter the taste of the product. They may also damage the digestive system if consumed in large quantities.

Chemical fortification is used by food manufacturers to extend the shelf life of their products. However, this process increases the risk of developing chronic diseases later in life.

If you're looking for ways to keep yourself healthy, then you need to stop buying processed foods.

Is Enriched Maida Good?

You may consider enriched flour as good. Think again. Enriched foods are those which have added vitamins and minerals to them. However, there are several drawbacks associated with enrichment. First, enrichment doesn't ensure that your food will be free of contaminants. Second, enrichment adds cost to the production of food. Third, enrichment makes it difficult to control the amount of vitamins and minerals present in the final product. Fourth, enriching all the lost vitamins and micronutrients into maida is nearly impossible.

If you are concerned about your health, then you must start avoiding maida and other processed foods.

Maida has less fiber than whole wheat

Refined wheat contains less fiber and nutrients than whole grain wheat. It also contains higher amounts of carbohydrates and calories. Fiber helps you feel full longer, so you're less likely to overeat. It also helps keep your digestive system healthy.

Maida has high Glycemic Index

The glycemic index of maidas is 70. This means that when you eat a bowl of maida, your blood sugar level will rise rapidly for about 30 minutes after eating. However, the effect of the high blood sugar level will be short lived, and your blood sugar level will return to normal after 2 hours.

Why is high glycemic index food bad for health?

High glycemic index foods are those with a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after eating them. They tend to be processed foods like white bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and sugary drinks. These foods raise blood glucose levels quickly, causing an increase in insulin production and a subsequent drop in blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. When insulin levels are too low or too high, they can lead to diabetes.

Maida is Loaded With Fat & Refined Carbs

Maida is loaded with fat and refined carbs. That's why it's bad for health.

You've probably heard that eating fats is bad for health. Well, it's true. The problem is that we often confuse healthy fats with unhealthy ones.

Healthy fats are essential for our bodies to function properly. They help us absorb nutrients, build strong bones, produce hormones, and maintain a healthy weight.

Unhealthy fats are found in processed food like margarine, cookies, crackers, cakes, pies, chips, and fast food. These foods contain trans-fats, which are harmful to our health.

Refined carbs are also bad for health. They cause inflammation, insulin resistance, and obesity.

Maida Raises Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Eating maida also increases your LDL levels. This means that you're likely to develop heart disease later in life.

Eating Maida:

  • makes you fat
  • clogs your arteries
  • disrupts your blood sugar
  • makes you crave for sweets
  • ruins your health
  • gives you mood swings
  • reduces bone density
  • leads to chronic illnesses
  • disrupts your digestion process and leads to digestive issues
  • has harmful effects on your kidneys
  • leads to fatty liver
  • increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease
  • gives you the disease of insulin resistance
  • increase cholesterol level
  • leads to hormonal imbalances

Maida Contains Gluten

When you eat foods containing gluten, your immune system reacts by producing antibodies called immunoglobulin G (IgG). IgG attaches itself to the proteins in gluten and creates a barrier around them.

This prevents the proteins from entering the bloodstream. When you eat foods containing gluten regularly, your body produces large amounts of IgG.

Over time, this buildup of IgG causes damage to the lining of your small intestine. As a result, your body absorbs fewer nutrients from food.

In addition, the buildup of IgG causes inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation damages cells and tissues, leading to chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and cancer.

Common Food Items & Junk Food Items with Maida

Maida is a type of flour that is used extensively in Indian cuisine. Maida is found in most junk food items.

  • Roomali roti
  • Naan
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Parotta
  • Most baked foods
  • White bread
  • Bun
  • Biscuits
  • Snacks
  • Pastas
  • Noodles
  • Samosas
  • Maida Dosa
  • Vada Pav
  • Kulcha
  • Kachori
  • Jalebi
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Paratha
  • Bhatura
  • Puff
  • Poori
  • Rava Dosa
  • Dosa
  • Appam
  • Pizza
  • Spring Roll
  • Bonda
  • Kurkure
  • Cutlet
  • Chop Suey
  • Tortilla
  • Burrito
  • Muffins
  • Bhakarwadi
  • Bombay Halwa
  • Bread Rolls

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