(TALK) Dairy Debunked - Busting Top 10 Nutrition Myths about Dairy 🥛

Join us for an informative talk by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, SampoornaAhara.com, organised in association with FIAPO at BeAnimal Hostel.

Get a chance to enjoy lip-smacking Whole Food Plant Based goodies from Sampoorna Ahara after the talk. 🤤

Event Registration: https://forms.gle/6oj4FnPSy3MJY4yD8

"But what about calcium?"
"We have been drinking milk for generations"
"Milk is a complete food"

Is this true? Join us on Saturday, November 26th, at BeAnimal Hostel to explore these questions and much more with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar

👉🏼 Learn the real impact of dairy on your health
👉🏼 Understand myth vs fact when it comes to dairy & nutrition
👉🏼 Take home tips to reduce dairy consumption without giving up on tasty dishes

This talk is for you if:
✅ You are looking to eat healthy & stay healthy
✅ You have a lifestyle disease like diabetes, high BP, obesity, PCOS, asthma, etc., & want to adopt a healthy lifestyle
✅ You want to eat a plant-based diet and are looking for research-based information
✅ You have young children and want to raise them with healthy food
✅ You are already vegan and are trying to help your friends & family move towards a plant-based diet

Myth or Fact?
1. Milk has a lot of Calcium and Vitamin D
2. Milk has a lot of Protein
3. Milk is a Complete Food
4. Curds has Probiotics
5. What does Dairy have to do with Diabetes, High BP, and Cancer?
6. A2 Milk is Healthier than A1
7. Ghee Lubricates Joints
8. Milk is Healthy for Pregnant & Lactating Mothers
9. Milk is Essential for Growing Children
10. Turmeric Milk Boosts Immunity especially for Elders

📅 Event Date : November 27th, 2022 (Sunday)
🕟 Event Time : 5:30 pm onwards
🏚️ Event Venue: BeAnimal Hostel
🔗 Register Here: https://forms.gle/6oj4FnPSy3MJY4yD8

The event is free and open to all. Registration compulsory.

Co-hosted by FIAPO, SampoornaAhara.com , NutritionScience.in , BeAnimal Hostel & The Happiness Cafe, FarmFreshBangalore.com , UrbanMali.com , and The Fractal Entrepreneurship Founda