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Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Tasty Food

FREE 15 Min Discovery Call with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar

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Fix an Appointment for a FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar.

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar is a Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupuncture physician who is on a mission to make people all over the world healthy with Evidence-Based Naturopathy and Yoga rooted in ancient traditional practices and customs. His dream is a world where every person knows how to keep themselves healthy and heal themselves naturally if and when they fall sick. He is the co-founder of and

Why Lifestyle Medicine? Benefits of Plant-based Nutrition

There are several benefits of plant based diet. There are health benefits, environmental benefits and ethical benefits of a plant based diet. Here are the health benefits:

  1. Plant based diets have been shown to help prevent, treat, and even potentially reverse chronic lifestyle diseases
  2. They have been shown to improve heart health and is the only therapy proven through clinical trials to actually reverse heart disease, the number 1 cause of death among Indians today
  3. They have shown to be protective against lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high BP, obesity, and therefore reduce risk of chronic kidney disease, strokes, heart attacks, etc.
  4. Plant based diets comprised of whole foods aid in weight loss if you are overweight to begin with. They help in effective weight management without the need for extreme calorie restriction that many custom weight loss programs demand
  5. Plant based diets keep inflammation low, accelerate healing, and give the body an antioxidant boost.
  6. Higher energy levels
  7. Better skin and hair health
  8. Improved productivity
  9. Enhanced endurance, strength and flexibility
  10. Reduced Blood Cholesterol
  11. Improved Blood Sugar Levels
  12. Better Blood Pressure
  13. Achieve your ideal BMI

Who Should Book an Appointment?

A plant based whole food diet has been shown to be the healthiest for humans. It may be hard to believe that similar dietary change can help treat so many different diseases. When you remove the root cause of disease, the body heals itself. That's how it works.

  1. If you are looking to get healthy and stay healthy, this call is for you. A plant based whole food diet has been shown to help prevent, treat and even potentially reverse chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, PCOS, and hypertension.
  2. It is the only therapy proven to reverse heart disease in a majority of patients. It has also been proven to improve heart health and reduce Cardiovascular risk factors
  3. If you are looking to achieve your ideal weight and stay there and also improve overall health, getting your required nutrition, then this call is for you
  4. If you are looking for increased energy levels, better skin and hair, this call is for you 
  5. If you want to live a longer, better quality life, this call is for you 

What Are Others Saying?

Anuradha Kumar, Successfully Reversed PCOS, Obesity, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Headache, Backache

"I remember the day. It was in 2016. It was the proverbial last straw when I decided that I am going to change course. This was in relation to my health. Plagued by several issues, I started looking for a one-stop solution to all of them.

In Tamil there is a saying ‘unave marundhu,’ meaning food is medicine. As a first step towards healing, food has become my medicine.

Prior to this journey of healing I had several health issues. PCOS, obesity, obstructive sleep apnea, headache, backache and a few others.

When I approached Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, he was patient, calm, and smiling and said that everything can be overcome. He charted a plan for me & voila I started seeing & feeling the improvements in a month’s time. It was just the beginning. My snoring, because of OSA, was cured completely. I started sleeping better. In about 6 months’ time I lost weight, my monthly cycle regularised, headaches were few & far between"

- Anuradha Kumar

Shalini Kumar, Successfully Reversed High Blood Pressure

"I am writing this as I nibble on my whole food plant based snack, on the 15th day of having left my blood pressure medication. Whistle🥳
Now I think why didn't I do this sooner, but I guess being diagnosed with hypertension in August 2019, was a wake up call I needed

My program started on 3rd Jan 2020, & on 12th April 2020, I left my blood pressure medication. 3.5 months! Despite my travel heavy job, constant fatigue from taking flights & living in hotel rooms

I had believed being a vegetarian I was already doing all things right but not realising the harmful effects of dairy products like curd, paneer and eggs in my food everyday

My BP without medication is mostly around 115/75 these days, I lost 6 inches from my waist and 3 kilos on the scale in just 3.5 months

This was so simple and sustainable, that I can't believe everyone hasn't shifted to WFPB diets already! Deep gratitude to you both"

- Shalini Menon 

Shreevidya Subramaniam Successfully Reversed Diabetes

"Dr. Achyuthan Eswar not a day goes without thanking you and your magic food in my life. I just realised today that even my diabetes had vanished. I have lesser appetite levels as my mind always talks to my stomach before I stuff anything into my poor mouth other than water. The feel right from skin to inner being is simply fantastic leaving me a feeling of mint lime freshness whole day. While the mind is so agile becoming a vegan and eating the way you recommended, I also feel my mind is capable of thinking and processing at a faster pace with no rework and working amicable with every single life I come across. The internal calm is beyond words to describe. Thus they rightly said 'What you are inside reflects on your body!' I share herewith a picture of both sides of myself and that emulates the message without any further description. Sharing this to benefit the viewers!"

- Shreevidya Subramaniam

Prathima Prashant Successfully Reversed PCOD

"Being born in a non vegetarian family/fishermen community. Fish & other seafood were a staple food. During my teens, I was diagnosed with PCOD. I had irregular menstrual cycle, severe pain during periods, facial hair, weight gain

I got married to a vegetarian and stopped non veg foods. But my intake of dairy products like paneer, milk, curd had increased

During the 7th month of my pregnancy, I had severe body swelling, high bp of 170/140, 4% protein in urine. I was diagnosed with as preeclampsia. I was admitted to hospital immediately to lower the bp so that my baby and I were not affected. In my 31st week, I underwent a C section as BP was not coming down. Delivered a premature baby boy who was kept in NICU for monitoring. After several weeks of on/off infections, oxygen issues, feed intolerance, digestion issues, the baby passed away after 42 days. I was devastated

After a year of emotional trauma, we were ready for pregnancy. But due to my PCOD issues, I consulted a doctor who gave me weight loss pills, asked me to avoid fruits and said if I don't lose weight then I may face issues again like before.

I got pregnant again. But this time it ended up with miscarriage as there was no heartbeat. I was devastated again

It was a calling point for me. 

I decided to take care of my health in a better way, and I quit my IT job. Moved to a vegan diet, lost 25+ KGS totally, felt lighter, healthier.

Attended Dr Achyuthan's Healing With Food workshop and it was life transforming. I would never imagine eating so much fruit. I started exercising regularly.

When I got pregnant again, I decided to follow a whole food plant based diet.

My periods are regularized now even without any medicines, weight is always under control and people compliment me saying I look younger too! I have fallen in love with myself.

If you are thinking of moving to a healthy whole food plant based diet or reverse health issues or infertility then do give it a try. It will change your life. It is rightly said that We are what we eat. Isn't it?"

- Prathima Prashant

Kavitha Krishnamoorthy Successfully Reversed Migraine

"Ever since I turned 30, I have been plagued with debilitating headaches. They would come with unerring regularity – once mid cycle and once around the time of my period. When they came, they would last for a full 48 hours. A beating down, one sided headache. I would sometimes feel like someone is playing drums inside my head. The pain would be so bad, I would just cry. Nothing would make them go away. No medicine worked.

The headaches would be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a burning in the stomach, constant fatigue, low energy, breathlessness. Around the time I was 45, I had a headache that lasted 5 full days. I then knew I had to do something drastic. That was when I met Dr. Achyuthan Eswar. He put me on a whole foods plant based diet. Exercise, meditation and relaxation were to be followed everyday.

1 month after I started following these practices, when I got my period, I found I had a mild headache but it vanished in about 3 hours – from 48 hours to 3 hours! It was a miracle. I was ready to keep doing whatever it took.
3 months down the line, the headaches had stopped completely. I also felt like the middle of my body had disappeared – I was losing weight and I felt so light. My energy levels were better than before. Other symptoms like burning in the stomach, listlessness etc., all disappeared.

In about 3 years, I had lost 18 kgs & all my symptoms. The 48 hour headache has not come back even once.

At 52, I have more strength, endurance & flexibility than I have ever had in my entire life.

The miracle was possible only with the support & direction provided by Dr Achyuthan for which not just me but my entire family are so grateful"

- Kavitha Krishnamoorthy

Padma Subramanian and Arun Srinivasan, Successfully Reversed Diabetes

"My husband was diagnosed with diabetes and we got introduced to WFPB way of life. While Dr.Achyuthan guided us amazingly through adopting WFPB lifestyle.

All the struggles were made worthwhile when Arun was declared non-diabetic after 3-4 months of WFPB lifestyle."

- Padma Arun

Charumathi Supraja, Successfully Prevented Perimenopausal Issues

"I started changing my approach to cooking & eating in 2015. I remember following Dr. Achyuthan’s initial advice – to close my eyes & enjoy every mouthful of everything I ate & drank; to include a fruit before every meal; then to increase my fruit intake before every meal. And suddenly one day, my tongue demanded to know what this thing called coffee actually was & if I really wanted it?! My body had rejected coffee all on its own – with no resolve from my side. I was just a witness.

This rewiring of my relationship with food started when I turned 40. That is around when, they say, diabetes strikes, hormones become moodier and fat settles over the body. The opposite happened to me.

My skin became clearer & brighter. My step became lighter. A heavy fog of anxiety started dissolving. I discovered I had collar bones. My chin was rescued from obliteration. Then, much later, ah – the joy of being forced to change your wardrobe!"

- Charumathi Supraja

A Doctor Speaks about the Benefits of Plant-based Diet

Dr. Chetan Ginigeri
Head of Dept - Paediatric & Neonatal services Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore

"As a children's ICU doctor - our lives revolve around sick children, anxious parents, long & unpredictable hours at the hospital. After crossing the age 40, the body started complaining. After 2 years of various trail and error, I finally stumbled on something that works. Whole Plant based foods from Sampoorna Ahara is not only healthy, filling and nutritious - the taste buds love it too. The variety is great to keep you from getting bored and give up. The support team backend, transport of food to various addresses, the ease of making payments , constant open communication channels through phone, WhatsApp and emails is a delight for a busy Clinician like me. The website and app is educative, non-dogmatic and persuasive in a gentle prodding way. I have lost 10 kgs but the main gain have been great energy levels and great mood to handle what comes our way on daily basis. Try it - your body and mind will thank you for it. Thank you Sampoorna Ahara"

 - Dr. Chetan Ginigeri

What Can You Expect from Your FREE 15 Minute Appointment?

In your 15 min appointment with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, you will get:

  • 15 minutes of personalised one on one face time with Dr. Eswar to answer all your questions.
  • Your top 3 health goals will be discussed briefly.
  • You will be introduced to the Lifestyle Medicine approach which is treating the root cause of your illness. You will be taken through the root causes of your disease and step to overcome them.
  • Based on your specific case, Dr. Achyuthan will recommend further steps that you will need to take and guide you to make the right choice for you.


  • Get Free access to the Plant Based Recipes database on with 200+ Healthy WFPB Recipes to try out at home!

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