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Grab it before it's Gone

 🎉 Grab it before it's gone 🎉

🥮 Dry Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake 🥮

Fudgy, healthy and delicious, our Dry Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake is all this and more! Baked with love and the choicest of spices, our Christmas Cake is a crowd favourite for sure! Get it before it's gone! It's on our shelves only till the 2 Feb! Zero oil, dairy, eggs, sugar, jaggery, or maida, these cakes are as healthy as they come while being super yummy too!

Loaded with dried fruits, nuts and spices, our Spiced Fudgy Christmas Cake is one of a kind. Its rich texture will fill your senses with every bite.

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Be Blessed,

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