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Simple Practices Build Powerful Habits

✨ "It's the simple practices that build powerful habits" ✨

When we think of eating healthy or wanting to start exercising, it can be overwhelming. So much to understand, so much to do. It seems like too much of an effort, so we don't start. Instead, if we started looking at simple habits - such as getting healthier bread for breakfast or replacing white rice to unpolished rice or starting with going for a walk everyday - we start making progress. We feel good, we feel happy that we are making progress, we are more likely to do more.

🍞 When we found that we couldn't buy a healthy loaf of bread - one without maida or oil or dairy- we decide to make our own. This is how our range of breads at Sampoorna Ahara started. Now we have so many varieties to choose from

🥐 Sweet and savoury

🥖 Gluten-free and whole wheat

🥪 Sourdough and yeast

🍔 Buns, dinner rolls and more!

👉🏽 Check out our range of good, wholesome, whole grain breads at

🌱 Each of our breads are 100% whole grain, oil-free, vegan, maida-free, preservative-free, and wholesome too.

Make one change today. Upgrade your bread to it's healthiest best!

Be Blessed,

Team 💚

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