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Empowering Stories: Celebrating Shankar's Victory

"Last week, something amazing happened. And it all started with Palak Chatka. Here's the story.

"Bariyakke baralla. Schoolalli english kalthiddare bandiratthe" "I don't know to write. If I had learnt english in school, all this would have been a lot easier." was Shankar's constant excuse. He had never written on our board... until now.

Shankar is one of @SampoornaAhara Plant Based Chefs. He hails from a village in Karnataka, migrated to the city to look for a job as a driver. He first joined us a delivery assistant. He helped us cook one day and we discovered his love for cooking. Today, he is one of our plant based chefs.

Every day, we write out the list of dishes to prepare for the next day, on our whiteboard. Shankar would always call someone else to write it.

Last week, I gave him the marker, shooed everyone else away and told him it is time to try. After ten minutes of refusal, he finally said "Ok, but I can write only in capitals. I don't know the small letters." Those are easier to read anyway! Letter by letter, with help from team members, starting with Palak Chatka, Shankar wrote out every recipe we had planned for the next day. One day, we will ensure that Shankar will go on to train other shy cooks and inspire them to break free of their chains.

Today, his smile says it all, holding his son's hand in front of his recipe board. SampoornaAhara.com is India's first Whole Food Plant Based Social Enterprise. Apart from serving the healthiest meals and foods to your doorstep, we are committed to empowering our community. Statistics say that poverty can be eliminated for a family probably after three generations. Our dream is to make it happen in our lifetime for as many families as we can.

Everyone who works with SampoornaAhara.com is treated an entrepreneur, not as an employee. They are encouraged to pursue not only their responsibilities but also their passions, improve their personality and employability. Through Fractal Entrepreneurship, we shall flatten the economy and make healthy easier for thousands of people.

Today, it all started with Palak Chatka and a big smile" 

- Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder SampoornaAhara.com & NutritionScience.in


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