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Almond Mylk Thandai is Here!

Our Whole Food Plant Based Thandai is here! 🧊

There was a flurry of activities a few weeks back. All our colleagues were asked if they had ever had Thandai, a drink popular during Holi. With Holi just around the corner, we wanted to make a Whole Food Plant Based version of this popular drink for all of you🥛

We read up a few recipes before creating our own whole food plant based version. Little did we know what was in store for us.

🙄 Version 1.0 look more like a watery kesari bath! We knew we had a long journey ahead

😅 Come Version 12.0? Oh! we can't remember anymore, but we were finally satisfied with just the right mix of soy and nut based mylk. Now, we also had to find the right balance of fennel and pepper in the drink!

😵 Cut to Version 20.0 (or so we think), we found a balance! We tweaked and tweaked until we got to a blend that worked. You see, plant-based mylk interact differently with spices as compared to animal milk!

🥳 Finally, after 3 more rounds of critical review by some of our favourite customers, we have on our hands a lovely whole food plant-based drink!

🌈 Happy Holi! Get wholly smart and fully refreshed with this super healthy Thadai! Order your cooling bottle of this yummy drink now! 🧊

Be Blessed,
Team 💚


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