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Sankranti Special Meal to Celebrate Health

Sankranti Special Meal from

🍃 Celebrate Health this Sankranti with a special curated Whole Food Plant Based Lunch with your loved ones at home.

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Celebrate this Harvest Season with our Organic Farmer Community!

There are farmers who grow 'normal' crops for sale and a small 'special' patch without chemicals for their own families. Then, there are farmers who think of you as their own family, and give you only the best chemical-free food. We are proud to be part of this amazing community in Bengaluru. Join us on the 14th and indulge in freshly harvested yummies from our earth-friendly farms!

Sankranti Special Lunch Booking closes at 5pm, Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021. Hurry!

Traditional Sankranti Special Menu

🍱 Fresh Fruit Starter - Yelakki Banana

🍱 Brown Rice Pongal without Ghee, Garnished with Fresh Coconut Cream

🍱 Paruppu Kuzhambu Lentil Stew with Steamed Assorted Seasonal Vegetables and in-house Sambar Spice Mix

🍱 Oil-free Baked Vada Bursting with the Power of Greens

🍱 Dairy-free Sweet Millet Pongal, Sweetened with Dates

🍱 Oil-free Baked Mullu Murukku

🍱 Ellu Unde Til Laddu Lightly Toasted Sesame Balls Sweetened with Healthy Dates, not Sugar or Jaggery

🍱 BONUS: Flaxseed B12 Laddu

📦 Packaged in Eco-friendly Compostable Packaging and home delivered across Bengaluru at Zero Delivery Fees

📆 Delivery on 14 January 2021, Lunch

🕰️ Delivery between 10 am - 2.00 pm

Order now: Sampoorna Ahara Meals

Be Blessed,

Team 💚


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