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Start your day with an Antioxidant Boost!

Start your day with an antioxidant boost!

Have a fresh and breezy start to your day with our raw vegan breakfast jars!

Loaded with fruits, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, our jars are the perfect burst of both antioxidants and flavour.

They are also just right and filling to keep you feeling energetic and light! Try them now!

Every one of our Breakfast Jars is completely Vegan. They are free of dairy products and honey which are typically found in "Health Jars". Animal foods including dairy have been associated with higher risk of chronic lifestyle diseases. Casien in cow's milk has also been found to be a cancer promotor. Dairy is also inflammatory and increases cholesterol levels.

Instead, we make our de-licious Breakfast Jars using our fresh in-house nut butter which are rich in nutrients, super creamy and delicious too!

Spiced Muskmelon

One of our Chia Breakfast Jar is Spiced Muskmelon! Layers of sweet ripe melons, interspersed with our in-house nut-based sweet cream and chia seeds, with a whole lot of complementing spices makes for a truly healthy and decadent treat!

Muskmelons are often not a favorite for many, but with this delicious jar, you'll forget that! Apart from being great for your hair and skin, Muskmelon has been shown to possess useful medicinal properties such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiulcer, anticancer, antimicrobial, diuretic, and antidiabetic properties. With a drizzle of the choicest spices, our Spiced Muskmelon Jar is antioxidant powerhouse.

An excellent way to start your day 😊

Be Blessed, Team 💚

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