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Struggling to Snack Healthy?

Struggling to snack healthy?

We have something just for you! Mild yet spice loaded, dry fenugreek leaves sprinkled wheat crunchies that have folds with layers of dry coconut butter, make a wonderful accompaniment to herbal hot tea's or a quick snack anytime!

Our new Masala Methi Mathri is a delight. PAN India Delivery available! Try some now: 🤤

Every batch of our crunchy oil-free snacks are made fresh!

They are vegan, maida-free, sugar/jaggery-free as well.

We don't add any preservatives or additives and use chemical-free ingredient.

We have something for everyone!

Our Masala Methi Mathri is our latest addition to our expanding range of snacks that are as healthy as they are tasty. Now enjoy this otherwise deep-fried snack without a single drop of oil and what a great way to get some methi in as well! PAN India Delivery available!

Be Blessed,

Team 💚

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