About Healthy Food Habits

About Healthy Food Habits

There is so much conflicting information about healthy food habits. I can be so confusing you just decide to eat what you like!

This article could help you filter only scientific information and maximise your health quotient.

Health is a habit. When you repeat an activity everyday until it becomes second nature, until you do it daily without thinking, that's a habit.

Most people don't fall sick because of one thing they did on one day. You fall sick because of a lifetime of unhealthy habits.

The key to long lasting health is to learn about healthy food habits and follow them regularly.

Here are details about healthy food habits we recommend you adopt:

1. Increase your intake of healthy foods

This is by far the best habit to win at healthy lifestyle.

You may find it difficult to avoid meat and dairy, or cook without oil. No problem! Leave the difficult steps for later.

Start by adding more fruits (3 servings daily) and vegetables (5 servings daily) to your diet consciously. This is the easiest and most effective first step.

2. Understand Nutrition Science

This helps you clarify your doubts and boost your confidence in healthy eating.

Try the Plant Based Diet Masterclass on NutritionScience.in to learn more.

3. Master Millets & Other Whole Grains

If you're used to eating white rice, you may be scared of red rice, brown rice and millets. Don't be.

Whole grains cook almost the same way as processed grains.

They may take a few minutes longer and absorb a little more water, but all you need to do is soak them in advance or keep them on the stove for a few minutes extra.

They cook soft and nice.

Each one even has a unique nutty flavour that you don't get with white rice.

4. Plan your daily cooking in advance.

Use Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen to plan your daily cooking in advance.

Mobilise your resources to manage your cooking better.

The biggest practical difficulty you will face is when you're hungry and there is nothing healthy to eat.

Solve this problem by keeping fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts always on your dining table.

Prepare your green leafy vegetables the previous day itself, so it takes just two minutes to cook them in the morning.

Stock up your kitchen with only healthy ingredients. Simplify your planning - try a Plant based Package from our sister initiative, FarmFreshBangalore.com

5. Identify healthy alternatives

Try plant-based dairy alternatives, like badam milk, cashew curds, and coconut curd rice.

Try tofu instead of paneer.

Try nut butter instead of ghee and butter.

These will help make every meal & every snack easier for you. You could even reduce cholesterol while enjoying pakodas and cakes!

6. Ensure that you have healthy food available for all meals

Plan in advance and keep ingredients ready.

Or, cook in advance and portion out for the whole week.

Or, subscribe to healthy meal delivery at SampoornaAhara.com

Use any means to ensure that you eat healthy all day, everyday.

This will help you build healthy food habits for life.

Be Blessed!
Dr Achyuthan Eswar

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