Elite Athletes Go For Whole Food Plant-based Diet

Elite Athletes Go For Whole Food Plant-based Diet

I happened to read an article that reports that hundreds of "elite athletes'' are interested in plant-based diets following the highly acclaimed documentary The Game Changers. I created an event myself and had folks come over to my clinic to watch this documentary. I could visibly see how inspired my guests became in understanding that a whole food plant-based diet was not just a weight loss fad diet but a diet of much reckoning that even the stronger and more agile amongst us considered as powerful!

The person who said this was James Wilks. He was asked if he could see a more widespread adoption of plant-based diets among elite athletes in the near future. Wilks responded, "Absolutely. In fact, it’s already happening."

“We have been approached by hundreds of elite athletes since the release of the documentary, from Olympic gold medalists in various sports to UFC fighters to top players in the NBA, MLB, and NHL – all asking for advice on making the switch.”

Now that would truly inspire, you would agree.

I have seen in thousands of cases that I have dealt with myself how healing this kind of food is. Athletes mainly wish to have their cells repaired faster. Supplements that they consume when they are on a diet that is processed, may have untoward side effects on their bodies. But not so with a whole food plant-based diet!

My wife, Shyamala Suresh is a fitness expert. She is a basketball player and coach as well. We met when she visited me to understand if a whole food plant-based diet might be adequate for her as the best food for a sportsperson. The rest is history :). She stays committed to this diet and swears by it. 

Several acquaintances of ours, also engaged in either working out or being sportspeople themselves, have benefited hugely from converting to this diet. They feel nimbler, lighter and more energetic is the feedback that I get often from such people.

The other greatest advantage is that repair of cells happens fastest with this diet. A super easy way to stay fit you will agree!

List of 50 Plant-Based and Vegan Pro Atheletes

Plant Based Athletes

  1. Scott Jurek
  2. Venus Williams
  3. Meagan Duhamel
  4. Lewis Hamilton
  5. Tia Blanco
  6. Patrik Baboumian
  7. Colin Kaepernick
  8. David Haye
  9. Alex Morgan
  10. Nate Diaz
  11. Jermain Defoe
  12. Kyrie Irving
  13. Hannah Teter
  14. Fiona Oakes
  15. Kendrick Farris
  16. Barny Du Plessis
  17. Abel Trujillo
  18. Tim Shieff
  19. Morgan Mitchell
  20. Austin Aries
  21. Heather Mills
  22. Rich Roll
  23. Andy Lally
  24. JaVale McGee
  25. Carl Lewis
  26. Chris Smalling
  27. Molly Cameron
  28. Brendan Brazier
  29. Tom Brady
  30. Mac Danzig
  31. Steph Davis
  32. James Wilks
  33. Neil Robertson
  34. Dotsie Bausch
  35. Michaela Copenhaver
  36. Tony Gonzalez
  37. Mike Tyson
  38. Alexandra Paul
  39. Seba Johnson
  40. Georges Laraque
  41. Elena Congost
  42. Fabian Delph
  43. Jake Shields
  44. Griff Whalen
  45. John Salley
  46. Neil Robinson
  47. Salim Stoudamire
  48. Dean Howell
  49. Hector Bellarin
  50. Sarah Stewart

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