How Do You Wash Pesticides Off Vegetables?

How Do You Wash Pesticides Off Vegetables?

"What about pesticides? What can I use to wash it off my fruits and vegetables"

A question I get asked often.

The best and most ideal way is to source from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) ventures who source from farmers practicing chemical-free agriculture. These are small farmers who have either been practicing natural farming techniques for generations or those who have understood the effects of chemicals and pesticides and have switched to using natural farming methods.

Our sister initiative sources and supports farmers and farmer groups who practice chemical-free farming.

You can also wash off the pesticides on the surface of the fruit or vegetable, where they are sprayed to keep away pests. This removes a majority of the pesticides sprayed.

Don't forgo the enormous benefits of fruits and vegetables, include as many of them as you can in your daily diet. Source chemical-free as far as possible.

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