Prathima Prashanth - Mar 21 2021

How I Achieved a Healthy Pregnancy on a Plant-Based Diet?

Being born in a non-vegetarian family/fishermen community. Fish and other seafood were a staple food. Growing up, I hoped I could be a vegetarian fully. I remember as a kid, I would wake up and sneeze 20 times, had severe runny nose issues, I even had a Nickname related to this.

I Lost my Baby & was Devastated

During my engineering days, I was diagnosed with PCOD. I had irregular menstrual cycle, severe pain during periods, facial hair, weight gain etc. I was put on birth control pills. I didn't feel like using this for long so opted for ayurvedic medicines instead.

I got married to a vegetarian and stopped non veg foods. But my intake of dairy products like paneer, milk, curd had increased. During my 7th month of Pregnancy, I had severe body swelling, high BP of 170/140, 4% protein in urine. Doctor diagnosed it as preeclampsia. I was admitted to hospital immediately to lower the BP so that my baby and I were not affected. I was hating the way I looked due to this condition.

In my 31st week, I underwent a C section as my BP was not coming down. Delivered a premature baby boy who was kept in NICU for monitoring. After several weeks of on/off infections, oxygen issues, feed intolerance, digestion issues, the baby passed away after 42 days. I was devastated.

I Lost another Baby & Was Pushed Beyond Despair

After a year of emotional trauma, we were ready to have a baby again. But due to my PCOD issues, I consulted a doctor again and she asked me to lose weight and gave me weight loss pills, asked me to avoid fruits and said if I don't lose weight then I may face issues again like before. I was scared, followed her suggestions. I didn't feel it's right to take medicines to lose weight. So explored about health and natural healing, I got some guidance from friends and family and went to a nature cure center and also got panchakarma treatment done and was losing weight eventually.

I got pregnant again. But this time it ended up with miscarriage as there was no heartbeat. I was devastated again.

It was a calling point for me.

I decided to take care of my health in a better way, and I quit my IT job. Moved to a vegan diet, lost 25+ KGS totally, felt lighter, healthier. I attended Dr Achyuthan's Healing With Food workshop and it was life transforming. I would never imagine eating so much fruit. I started exercising regularly. I learnt Kundalini meditation and Kaya Kalpa Yoga from Krish Murali sir. I even got Hypnotherapy from my friend Kriti and Reiki by Lotus Core Nurture Program to heal my emotional and childhood issues.

I wanted our overall physical and mental health to be at a better this time around.

I Changed to Plant-Based Diet. I Delivered a Healthy Baby Finally!

When I got pregnant again, I decided to follow a whole food plant based and vegan diet as much as I can. I had a healthy and active pregnancy. Delivered a beautiful baby girl who is thriving on a vegan and whole food plant based diet.

My periods are much regularized now even without any medicines, weight is always under control and people compliment me saying I look younger too! I have fallen in love with myself. It's been a great learning experience and I continue to heal my body.

If you are thinking of moving to a healthy whole food plant based diet or reverse health issues or struggling with infertility then do give it a try. It definitely will change your life and make you much healthier.

It is rightly said that "We are what we eat. Isn't it?"

Delivered a beautiful baby girl who is thriving on a vegan and whole food plant based diet.

Be Blessed,
Prathima Prashant

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