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How my Migraine Vanished with Whole Food Plant Based Diet?

How my Migraine Vanished with Whole Food Plant Based Diet?

By the time I was twenty-two, I had “resigned” to being a medication-popping-in adult. I mean, I was now old enough to have adult sicknesses that required me to pop in important-looking tablets, wasn’t I?! Or that is what I thought was the deal of “growing up!” Imagine how many young adults around us could be that way constantly! I guess this happens when adults older than the young ones who are role models, lead lives that are constantly supported by medicines! You end up thinking it is normal!

The first sign that I should have caught of something being wrong were niggling headaches always after a bout of acidity. The two were not connected to a single problematic source in my mind and therefore march I did to a GP for acidity tablets and to an ophthalmologist to check my vision. Gulping Gelusil became a ritual...the blessed thing tasted good, too! My purse would always have a packet of Marie biscuits and Gelusil. This is the earliest recollection that my husband has of me! How romantic indeed!

The small headaches soon blew into roaring ones that had me rolling on my bed writhing in pain... Doctors prescribed me Cetrizine and sometimes an addictive pain killer whose name my mind has blocked out. These tablets now adorned my purse. Even the slightest hint of a pain I would pop the medicines in. A few times when I ran out of the tablets were horror stories of darkened rooms with not even a sliver of light coming in; bouts of throwing up and agony untold; children being asked to hush up; balms and towels to hold the splitting head up together, waiting while the inside of my head screamed for my husband to return with the tablets quickly...I thought that we just progressed into such a life. I thought this was my normal.

I became obese and always had swollen feet. Now I also started suffering from sinusitis and wheezing. No one told me that the food I was consuming was the culprit. Someone directed me to attend a Nature Cure camp at Jigani. I left my family behind and parted ways with them, thinking that I would not return. I assumed I would quietly pass away in the camp.

Just the first day of eating mostly a plant-based diet with no oil, made my respiratory passage get unblocked! I was surprised to see that I stayed alive! 10 days into the camp had me shed weight, become sprightly, feel coolness behind my eyes and veins and above everything, a clear nasal passage and no dependency on medicines! What a relief that was! Years of medications, animal proteins and a dangerous lifestyle would have their toll though on my body and I would later succumb to DUB and breast cancer. Even at that point of getting fully cured did not teach me it was the food that did it! I came back home and got right back into eating the way everyone did, with an occasional difference of eating slightly differently whenever the headaches popped up again!

It was not until my son Dr. Achyuthan Eswar put his foot down in between some threats to hospitalisation, that sense finally clicked in my head and I connected to health being a choice and not a fatal reality! It has been a great journey from then on.

No sinusitis that blow up into horrible headaches, no acid refluxes. No medicines for a sick stomach. Only plant-based whole foods! These days my favourite is the Wholegrain Meal from Sampoorna Ahara. I wait with anticipation twice a day to receive the wholesome and healthy meal that fills me with such good health automatically! I don’t even have to plan my groceries and vegetables shopping! My health, I discovered, was in my hands! Yours is, too. Take the right step forward and shift to a whole food plant-based diet before it is too late. Don’t fall prey to lifestyle diseases and deadlier ones like cancer!

Be blessed!
Radha Eswar

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