How to Get Children & Elders to Adopt a Healthy Diet?

How to Get Children & Elders to Adopt a Healthy Diet?

In this session, we have Shreevibha and Ishaan, join us and talk to us about their experience of moving to a whole food plant based diet. Both mother and son, share with us little anecdotes, tips and tricks that you can use to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

We talk about how you can help your child navigate peer pressure and being surrounded by loads of junk food today. We also address what it takes to help older people make healthier choices and the similarities and difference in approaching them versus children. We hope that this session is useful in your own lifestyle transformation journey.

We've made it super easy for you to make healthy choices today. Sweets, snacks, baked goods and more, that are just as healthy as they are tasty! Check them out now!

To learn more about a whole food plant based diet, visit and get started today!

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