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How to Transition into a Plant Based Diet Slowly and Effectively?

The first question people ask me when I tell them about the whole food plant-based diet I follow is, "But how ever did you give up so many things!"

Truth is that I have added a lot more to my diet!

Here are a few tips I would like to offer you if you are planning to shift to this kind of diet, while truly enjoying the whole process.

1. First off, eat as much as you can to feel satiated during each meal

2. Enjoy a well-laid out mixed fruit bowl as a starter. Be sure to top it off with dried fruits and nuts. A fruit dressing with vanilla essence and cream made from just nuts and dates would make you feel like royalty!

3. Go in for crunchy vegetable salad with mint and green chilly dressing topped with some roasted peanuts.

4. Have multi coloured Sabji with all the spices required to make a yummy masala. Remember to use nut pastes in the end for mixing to make up for the oil content the dish would otherwise require. Just eating this and realising that you are NOT missing out on the actual taste would make you realise that this diet is not the poorer option!

5. Have any type of Dal based gravies. Just remember to substitute all processed foods with whole foods and all dairy ingredients with whole nut based alternatives!

6. For the meat lovers, Soya chunks, gluten-based alternatives, raw Jackfruit, tofu are some truly enjoyable alternatives. Do not go all out but make the shift happen gradually but surely.

7. For the sugar addicts, take your time to shift to whole fruit based sugars from fruits and dried fruits like dates. A dash of Erythritol can happily give you the required sugar high!

8. Binge on guilt-free baked crunchies, patties and pastries. Hog natural sweets made using dates.

9. Enjoy making and eating smoothies and salads. Make them in as exotic a fashion as you might want to.

10. Give a treat to your tongue, eyes and therefore your mind.

11. Do not settle for a poor-looking unplanned meal. Make it special. Make it look rich. Have a feast twice or thrice a day, every day! Pick up Plant Based Recipes from Sampoorna Ahara and enjoy making the spread!

12. Invite friends for a party to show off how healthy food can actually taste exotic!

13. Show off on Instagram and social media all the different delicacies you are making and eating. Tag Sampoorna Ahara on Instagram.

You will automatically stop eating junk and you will start being an influencer making others cross over. Believe me, this happened to me and many others having food from Sampoorna Ahara!

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