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Plant based butter

“No butter? No ghee? No curds? You mean, no buttermilk even? Come on!” That was my reaction when I was first introduced to a whole food plant-based diet! I mean can you imagine a South Indian Thali without these bare essentials? It felt like a sacrilege and a blasphemy to say the least! Anything could be downed with these watchamacallit versatile comfort-food aids! Not to have them meant getting exposed to food that might not go down past the 3 inch dictator inside the mouth!

But then, rescue was at hand, thankfully! I also got introduced to butter from plants! Now I could get butter from cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or any other kind of nut! With this base, I could get myself nut-based mylks, buttermilk, butter, spreads, and cream. If need be I could even make curds using nuts! The permutations and combinations of using some dash of lemon juice, maybe garlic sometimes, and a few pinches of cumin powder at various proportions almost brought on the taste of the butter and dairy products my insatiable tongue was used to. I could easily fool it and What’s more, I could now feel a lot lighter in the body as well. That surely would translate into better health as I well, I reckoned…

A little research and guidance by Dr. Achyuthan led me to understand that there was an upper limit to consuming nuts per day as well. It seemed a wiser choice to infuse soya into these ranges of awesome plant-based products in various capacities if one wished to have a lot of it in a day.

But nothing like just taking a few cashews, putting it in a mixie, and spinning it around till it is ground super smooth. Take out this thick butter, add a small spray of lemon juice and use it like butter. Just yum!

Be Blessed,
Radha Eswar.

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