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Sampoorna Ahara Menu

Wondering if you can eat healthy food and yet love it? Quit thinking! Of course, you can! You can eat tasty and healthy food from Sampoorna Ahara.

The food from our Health Kitchen, comes to you as a platter of goodies. You can now sit back and relax and not worry if the correct amount of nutrients is going in, or if you need to scurry around to shop, design your menu, cook, and have the family love you for bringing wholesome food to the table! This is so, as Sampoorna Ahara, works extra hard to do all these things and save you immense time and offers mental peace so that you can spend the precious time of your life doing more productive things like working towards your goals, bonding with your family, or having time for special hobbies and pursuits.

The Menus of Sampoorna Ahara are specially designed by a team having a doctor, nutrition expert, a scientist, and a fitness expert, based on Dr. Michel Greger’s recommendations for the Daily Dozen servings. The team has created a creative tool by which they plan for daily menus in the following manner:

  1. They choose menus for each type of thali based on various cuisines, from a database of hundreds of recipes already prepared and set
  2. Each of these recipes are designed to be a part of a menu that ensures specific quantities of the following ingredients:
  3. Fruit servings for the meal
  4. Vegetable servings filled with nutritious vegetables gently steamed or baked or both with enough spices to help with the digestive processes.
  5. Cruciferous vegetable servings that will keep diseases like cancer at bay. They would come either in the salad, sabji, dal or cereals.
  6. Legumes including soya, carefully measured, and distributed across preparations to ensure each day, your necessary protein intake is as wholesome, diverse, and interesting as possible.
  7. Whole and unprocessed nuts and seeds that provide all the necessary oil without removing fibre and other nutrients that are lost in any kind of processed oil whether cold-pressed or otherwise.
  8. Leafy greens vegetable servings appropriately masked by using different recipes so that you do not need a Popeye to convince you that eating greens gives better health!
  9. Berries in the form of Amla and other special berries come to you every day for required amounts to keep your immunity levels up and healthy.
  10. Spices  without them nutrients will not be taken in by the body — are also measured, made varied and used inventively to offer the taste of most popular dishes while all the while ensuring they are not fried or burnt to lose their value.
  11. Flaxseeds having them keeps your organs intact — made into tasty laddus along with some spice and dates. These are addictive. We have known folks to get into withdrawal symptoms on not eating them! In the initial days, we experimented by using them with sabji instead of making it into the laddus which we had been serving before the experiment. There was a strong hue and cry about some folks missing their favourite laddus! It was this that prompted us to stick to the laddus while trying to ensure flaxseeds inclusion in every meal.
  12. Whole cereals Not white, not processed, chemical-free whole grains, and cooked whole as far as possible. Dishes requiring flour are made fewer times or of lesser quantities to ensure that cereals go in whole and not ground up. This way we hope that carbohydrates are not immediately available to your cells. We also encourage to swallow cereals, encouraging their travel to your gut bacteria rather than to your cells and if they do reach your cells, they would not have a sugar spike as they are not processed.
  13. Each of these ingredients are measured to the milligram and total up to the exact quantity needed by our bodies to stay in good condition. Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and hypertension have been seen to get reversed for many of the customers.
  14. Each menu does not compromise on the quantity of ingredients needed for each meal session. However, great care has been taken to ensure there is variety.
  15. Salt is kept to just 2 gm per meal.
  16. Additional goodies like vinegar, mushrooms are also incorporated for certain cuisines
  17. Innovative recipes to heighten the taste without compromising on the ingredients and nutrients of the dish have been prepared, tested, and perfected with the team on ground.
  18. The chefs in the Sampoorna Ahara kitchen receive a cooking summary for the next day’s meals, compiled from the database of customers needing the different meals for the day with their preferences of thali and customisations.
  19. Weekly stocking of materials is also done much ahead of time to ensure seamless operations in the kitchen
  20. 95 per cent of ingredients are purchased from farmers who do not use chemical pesticides. The 5 per cent of goods that does not fall into this category are the last minute purchases that need to be done during emergencies.
  21. None of our dishes use dairy, or processed foods like sugar, maida, jaggery or oil.
  22. Every meal will have a nutritious flaxseed laddu infused with necessary amounts of B12 supplements.
  23. No preservatives, no chemicals and no artificial additives or colours are used. Food and masalas get freshly made for each meal.
  24. Every meal is prepared by self-made individuals who are NOT workers, but entrepreneurs carefully nurtured, mentored, and trained by an Integrative Physician.
  25. Meals are delivered at your doorstep by courteous delivery agents who are also fed the same food.
  26. Meals are sent in sustainable steel tiffin carriers. During this pandemic since several Covid 19 patients asked for healthy food, we supplied food for them as well in disposable but compostable cardboard boxes.

Customers who place orders for meals with Sampoorna Ahara have varied interesting options.

They could choose to get meals from South Indian, North Indian or Gourmet cuisines. The kitchen also provides special meals like pasta or chaat and brings up surprising menus during festivals.

If you ask any of our loyal customers about the meals, you will notice that they are delighted and surprised by the fact that they get to eat things like leafy vegetables every day, twice a day without fail! And yet, they are well camouflaged in different kinds of dishes!

While a regular kitchen or restaurant can get away with giving well-salted and spiced curd rice or a sabji with roti, Sampoorna Ahara will only offer a balanced meal with every necessary nutrient in it. It is a one stop shop for all kinds of balanced meal requirements.

The customisation options make it even more friendly for customers to have food like maa ki khana. With meals from Sampoorna Ahara, you will have a feast every session! No, there are no short cuts for those who feel, “Hey, I just want a plate of noodles for this meal session!”

If the body feels like taking a break, fasting using the fruit thalis from Sampoorna Ahara is possible. Raw vegetables and salads, too cab be had as a meal during fasts from cereals.

For those craving for the extra bite to finish off a meal, Gourmet Meals are ideal as there will always be something extra supplied in a Gourmet thali. It could be a snack/sweet or any other item offering that satiated feeling that some people seek.

The South Indian Thali uses the base of several dishes from the five southern states of India, namely, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. A fruit platter of seasonal fruits, sometimes with a dressing is a regular feature. A pulusu, palya or poriyal with a gravy drawing inspiration from the various sambhars/kuzhambus; chutneys, podi, kootus, fritters, stew, and cereal plain and special are the ways it gets curated.

Similarly, the North Indian meals draws inspiration from several states of North India from Rajasthan to West Bengal. Dals and Sabjis that tingle the palate with Basmati rice and rotis of different types are regular features.

A Gourmet meal is mostly South or North Indian with extra special ingredients like nuts, tofu, mushrooms, and others.

Listing some of the most interesting menus from our kitchen:

A North Indian Thali:

🍉 Fruit Starter

🍉 Dr. Greger's Chopped Vegetable Salad with Dairy-free Ranch Dressing

🍉 Palak Pakora | Oil-free Baked Spinach Fritters

🍉 Methi Malai Sabzi | Steamed Chickpea & Vegetables in a Fenugreek-infused Rich Creamy Gravy

🍉 Steamed Little Millet and Wheat Roti

🍉 Flax and Dates Laddu


A South Indian Thali:

🍉 Fruit Starter

🍉 Thoushyache Kharam | Mangalorean Cucumber Salad

🍉 Menaskai | Mangalore Style Pineapple & Capsicum Curry

🍉 Basale Koddel | Malabar spinach cooked with cowpeas in traditional spices

🍉 Spiced Rice | Wholesome, gently cooked brown rice

🍉 Flax and Dates Laddu


A Gourmet Thali:

🍉 Fruit Starter

🍉 Kachumber | Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, sweet corn, and radish garnished with raisins and roasted peanuts

🍉 Tandoori Tofu | Tofu and capsicum slow cooked in tandoori spices

🍉 Saag Chikin with Soya Chunks | Soya Chunks and soft button mushroom slow cooked in a spicy spinach topped with cashew cream

🍉 Spiced Rice | Wholesome, gently cooked brown rice topped with cashews and raisins

🍉 Flax and Dates Laddu



I am interested in this but i want to talk to doctor and customize the meal.


Yes, we do customize our meal to suit your allergy and taste requirements. All our meals are carefully researched and designed for achieving optimal weight. Please feel free to write to Dr. Achyuthan Eswar @

Sampoorna Ahara

Do you customize the meal for weight loss and gluten free diet


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