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Sugar free desserts

Do you know what we do? We have desserts in the morning, desserts after lunch, desserts during tea time, and desserts for dinner, and never fall sick!

Impossible, right? Sorry, it is very possible!

Only we got smart about it! We heavily rely on using seasonal fruits, dates, and a tiny bit of erythritol along with the recommended amount of nuts for the day and therefore are forever healthy! How is that possible, you must be wondering!

Well, it is possible. The trick is to understand that a dessert is not only about the sugars but also about the textures. Imagine smooth, easy to swallow, lovely to swirl-around-in-the-mouth lollop of a tasty, sweet-flavoured, mildly-essenced spoonful of the exotic dish. Now that is the definition of a dessert! Not necessarily one made of processed sugars, flours, and other food ingredients that spell everything other than health for you!

Fruits are blessed with all the healthy sugars that you need, provided you eat them along with their fibres. There are beautiful machines available in the market today to churn iced fruits into creamy fruit smoothies. Adding some natural essences to them like kewda, cardamom, vanilla, chocolate or other things can truly make your dessert interesting. Go on and add some fancy nuts and dried fruits. Add dashes of whole dates syrup. Try some magic with nuts infused soy milk if you want and go for whole cereals where you can. Add cut fruits on the top and slivers of more nuts. Sllurrp! Binge and never feel guilty! Go whole foods that are plant-based! Live long, live happily ever after!

Be Blessed!
Radha Eswar.

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