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Sugar-free desserts

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And I’m not talking about desserts with artificial sweeteners.

Most of us think that we have two choices, especially if we’re diabetic, it is either sugar or jaggery or honey or artificial sweeteners, leaving aside all of these sweet dishes that you’re used to eating all your life.

So if you want to eat a Gulab Jamun or a Rasagulla or a Kulfi an ice-cream or a Burfi

Then these are the two options And just these two that come to mind.

What if I told you that neither of these may actually be a healthy option?

Whether it's Sugar Jaggery or even honey all of these three have been found to spike up our blood sugar levels immediately after we eat them.

On the other hand, most artificial sweeteners have been associated with higher risk of certain diseases.

So if we want to avoid eating both of these, What do we eat?

We love eating desserts. We don’t want to give up on them. I want to eat Payasam for the rest of my life, But what do I make it from?

The answer to that is whole-food sweeteners. When you use whole-food sweeteners like date syrup, for example, or ground up bananas or pineapple paste freshly pureed, it gives you a delicious sweet taste, but also packs in fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients. All of these amazing nutrients that our body needs to protect us from disease and keep us healthy.

Unlike table sugar date syrup or date sugar which is essentially either soaked and ground up dates or powdered dry dates, which is a whole-plant food.

Both of them have been found to not cause a sugar spike. It keeps your sugar levels stable, unlike sugar or jaggery.

Especially if you’re diabetic or you have someone with diabetes at home desserts made with dates syrup could be much healthier than desserts made with sugar or jaggery for them

I get many diabetes patients who tell me that I’ve stopped eating sugar completely, and yet I keep getting glucose spikes after I eat my sweets. I make them with jaggery. Even jaggery, even though it is less unhealthy than sugar, because it has some minerals left in it.

The problem is even jaggery is not the healthiest sweetener because it’s free from fiber.

When we consume fiber-free sweeteners that have a glucose in them.

It spikes up our glucose levels. Even added fructose may not be healthy because it causes liver damage and other chronic health issues

But the same sugars that come from a natural package, like a whole fruit or a dried fruit:
1 they don’t spike up blood sugar.
2 they may actually help to not just control blood sugar,
but also improve our antioxidant capacity of our blood, working at the root cause of diabetes. Maybe even helping us to manage the condition better. And along with a well-rounded whole-food plant-based diet, it is even possible to reverse diabetes.

So how do we make desserts using sugar-free healthier sweeteners?

We make Payasam or Kheer at Sampoorna Ahara using Date Syrup which is just soaked and ground up dates.

We boil some rice. We mix a little bit of peanut butter and some dates syrup to it and put some elaichi or cardamom powder on top. And kheer is ready.

You can top it off with sliced almonds and some Pista Shavings, some raisins, some chopped up more Dates. Absolutely delicious.

You can make Payasams or Kheers using millets. You can make it using black rice, which is a fantastic variety for making payasams.

You can make everything from cheesecakes using date syrup and nut mylks to Christmas cakes.

We have a Christmas cake recipe on Nutrition Science which uses only whole foods sweeteners. You can make Burfis and Laddus using nuts and dates ground up together in a food processor, along with whatever flavorings you like like cocoa powder for chocolate.

You can use the vanilla beans for a vanilla flavor. You could use Rose petals for a Rose flavor. We have a Paneer Rose Gulkand Laddu.

We have flaxseed laddus.

We make Kaju Burfis.

We make Dry Fruit Ladoos.

We make all kinds of amazing delicacies, all using whole-food sweeteners. And you can too, if you’d like to try out some sugar-free desserts.

You can order for yourself anywhere in India from Sampoorna Ahara.

You can also download some of our eBooks that we have or check out over 200 different recipes on Nutrition Science.

None of which had any sugar or jaggery added to them. I hope you find this useful.

I wish you all the best on your sugar-free health journey.

Be Blessed,
Dr. Achyuthan Eswar
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