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Will The Meat Industry be happy about Plant Based Diet?

Certainly not. And they will have to change their strategies soon. Just this past year, I'm seeing a tremendous move across the globe of investors promoting ventures manufacturing meat-alternatives and plant-based food.

There is also the rising voice of many doctors proclaiming that not only can the human body all the required nutrients to lead a healthy life from plants, but it is, in fact healthier! Eating a diet primarily of unprocessed plant-based foods, in fact, is helping reverse chronic diseases associated with poor lifestyle practices!

The meat industry will not find these findings to be to their liking for sure. But is it making them uneasy? It would if people woke up to wanting to lead healthy lives!

The three inch appendage inside our mouth, ably pampered by a habituated brain that associates tastes with memories is the only roadblock to people realising what is good for them.

I find that changeover can happen only with baby steps, almost like a de-addiction process. I would strongly recommend the following:
1. Attend a whole food plant-based masterclass like the one offered by Nutrition Science
2. Every day replace a small portion of animal protein consumption with a plant-based alternative.
3. Celebrate each step with a guiltless, healthy but tasty plant-based treat to reinforce good memories but this time of tasty and healthy food.
4. Develop a skill in making special treats not just for yourself but for your friends as well. Get to be known to represent these treats in people's minds.
5. Listen in to the latest research on plant-based foods
6. Join the voices asking for a change in the food industry.

Stay healthy! Live long!

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