5 Indian Recipes with Plant-based Protein

5 Indian Recipes with Plant-based Protein


Cooking Indian food with plant-based protein is easier than you think.

Most traditional Indian cuisines already incorporate plenty of plant-based protein by default. Watch this video by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar and Shyamala Suresh, Co-founders of Sampoorna Ahara, to discover Five Indian Recipes with Plant-based Protein.

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Thank you for all the information you have provided us here. I have seen this before as well and tried to make my own but it’s difficult to get variety and it gets booring after a while n I end up eating junk/ oily/ dairy/ gluten etc

How do I get your procedure in Canada, it’s difficult and costly to import, I request you to create a cooking course f of the snacks and sweets so that we can enjoy the whole food plant base diet and not land up eating the same stuff.

Look forward to hear form you.


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