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Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Tasty Food

Yin and Yang Choco Vanilla Fondant Cake

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Indulge in the harmonious dance of flavors with our Yin and Yang Chocolate Vanilla Fondant Cake, a perfect gift for your better half. Delight in the rich, decadent layers of dark chocolate and soft vanilla, beautifully balanced to symbolize the unity of opposites in love. Surprise your loved one with a taste of bliss and harmony with every bite.

Delicious choco-vanilla cake made with whole grain flour, with a delicious date-sweetened yin and yang fondant cake. This cake is a treat for the eyes and tongue with not a single compromise on health. This cake is gluten free.
Ingredients: Oat flour, Raw unsweetened cocoa powder, Aluminium-free baking powder, baking soda, almonds, cashew, beetroot, besan, apple cider vinegar, banana, Coconut Butter, Vanilla seed powder, Dates, Sweet potato.

Cake Details:

  • Cake Flavour: Chocolate
  • Type of Cake: Cream Cake with Icing
  • Weight: 1/2 Kg and 1 Kg options available
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 6 Inches Diameter
  • Serves: Half Kg cake serves 4-6 people. 1 Kg cake serves 10-12 people.
  • Product of India

Please Note:
Cake stand, ingredients, cutlery & props used in the photos are for representational purposes only. They will not be delivered along with your cake.
This cake is hand delivered in good quality cardboard box.

Delivery Details

  • Available to order anywhere in Bangalore.
  • Personalised message can be added on this cake. Please share details in 'Delivery Instructions' during checkout, else email us at quoting your order ID and required message.
  • Every Sampoorna Ahara cake is handcrafted. Because each chef has their unique style and design sense, there may be some variations in your cake from the images shown here.
  • Some ingredients, flavours and design elements may change due to available of organic ingredients.
  • The selected delivery time is only an estimate. Depending on availability, vehicle, traffic, delivery location, etc., actual timing may differ.
  • Because cakes have a short shelf life, it is possible to attempt delivery of your order only once at your chosen address. The cake delivery cannot be reattempted or redirected to other addresses. Please ensure you are available to receive your cake at your chosen time.

Usage Instructions

  • Store icing cakes or cream cakes in a refrigerator upon delivery to retain freshness, health and taste.
  • When it is a time to serve, slice and serve your cake at room temperature. Ensure it is not exposed to heat as it may melt.
  • Please note - Design elements and figurines may contain supports inside them, such as wires, toothpicks, wooden skewers. Ensure to remove these from the cake before serving, especially when serving to children and elders.
  • Shelf life is 24 hours from delivery if the above instructions are followed.
  • Please note, because they are sugar-free, Sampoorna Ahara will be slightly less sweet than the normal cakes that you might be used to.
  • Enjoy your Sampoorna Ahara cake!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story behind Sampoorna Ahara?

Spurred by our mentor Radha Eswar's fight with cancer, Sampoorna Ahara was founded with a vision to make healthy food delicious and easier for you. Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, a qualified Yoga & Naturopathy Doctor, personally prepared our first product in 2019. Our co-founders focus on:
🌱 Organic
🌱 Clean
🌱 Natural
🌱 Wholesome
🌱 Plant-based

All our products are prepared by our specially trained team from less privileged backgrounds and helps them escape poverty with your support.

Sampoorna Ahara is the first social enterprise in India focused on Whole Food, Plant Based Nutrition. 💚

What does ‘Whole Food Plant Based’ mean?

Plant Based means food sourced from plants, and not from animals.

Whole Food means food in its wholesome, natural form, where nothing good has been removed and nothing bad has been added.

The overall balance of research data shows that eating more wholesome plant-based foods can give you better health, quality of life, immunity and even longevity.

WFPB Diets have been proven clinically and repeatedly to help prevent, treat and sometimes even reverse lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high BP, diabetes and obesity.

What does ‘Organic’ mean?

Organic means food grown and stored without using any harmful chemicals.

Many of our products are 100% organic. The rest contain several organic ingredients.

Going 100% organic is challenging. Many ingredients are not grown without chemicals, yet they are not labelled organic on the package unless they are certified.

Is there any shipping charges?

Yes, here are shipping charges:

  • Within Bangalore - up to ₹80 on every order below ₹500. On order above ₹500, shipping is free 🥳
  • Outside Bangalore - up to ₹200 on every order below ₹4000. On order above ₹4000, shipping is free 🥳

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