Dr. Achyuthan Eswar - 19 March 2021

Vegan vs Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Vegan vs Whole Food Plant Based Diet

We keep getting this comment from many customers of Sampoorna Ahara on their first call, "Do you offer vegan food?" Well, our food is vegan, but vegan food is not necessarily whole food plant-based.


I was, too in the beginning. But when I got educated on the finer points, I could see how the two were similar and yet different on a few counts.

Whole food plant-based food are at once two things. They are "whole," and are not, "processed," which is defined as "nothing good removed, nothing bad added" and secondly, they do not include a single animal-derived ingredient.

Vegan, on the other hand is not really a diet at all! It is a social justice movement against the use of animals as commodities. This also means food without animal-based ingredients. It is a movement calling for non-violence against animals.

Vegan is non-animal based food. Whole Food Plant-Based Diet is Whole and unprocessed food.

What do you do for protein? Calcium? Vitamin B12?

Well, did you know that all protein is primarily made by plants? Animal protein is in-fact secondary or recycled source of protein. So we simply consume a large variety of high-protein plant foods so we get not only the required quantity of protein but also all the required amino acids! Same goes for iron and calcium, there are not only enough sources of these in the plant world, but we at Sampoorna Ahara, ensure that you get enough of each. We have also tested our levels of calcium and iron and have always passed with flying colours. Not something a lot of people eating mainstream food can boast of.

Vitamin B12 is one that is neither made by plants nor by animals. It is made by soil bacteria. For people living in more natural environments, working with soil and drinking water from streams, get them enough B12. Since we live in a sanitsed world, it is recommended that we supplement our B12 regularly. At Sampoorna Ahara, we innovated on this and came up with B12 fortified Flaxseed Laddus! What a great way of meeting requirements right? This way, our B12 levels remain flying high!

What's more, within a few days of eating a completely whole food plant-based diet, you would have tuned your body to accept only food that is good for it. After which you will feel like your body has a mind of its own and will protest and reject any other kind of food that spells bad health without hesitation! You may be induced to throw out the offending matter or your skin / stomach / mucous lining may start a screeching protest! Hahaha! You should try and see this for yourself! It is unbelievably hilarious!

Whole Food Plant Based Diet is all Vegan. Not all Vegan Foods are Whole Food Plant Based Foods.

Be Blessed by the Divine,
Dr. Achyuthan Eswar.

Lifestyle Physician.
Founder, Sampoorna Ahara, India's First Whole Food Plant Based Kitchen.
Founder, Nutrition Science, India's First Whole Food Plant Based School.

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